Al in "The Amazing Johnathan Documentary" on Hulu

Is AL-TV returning or did you find a nice interview? Just tell the folks here.

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Al in "The Amazing Johnathan Documentary" on Hulu

Post by Muppetboy09 »

In just a few days, Hulu will be releasing the highly anticipated documentary about The Amazing Johnathan, who you might remember from his appearance on The Weird Al Show. Al is being showcased in the trailers as one of the many friends/celebrities that have been interviewed as part of the project. The documentary premieres on August 16th, so be sure to check it out and discuss your reactions here!

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Re: Al in "The Amazing Johnathan Documentary" on Hulu

Post by TMBJon »

The director of this documentary, Ben Berman, also directed the first 80 episodes of Comedy Bang Bang (the tv series). I saw him last week in attendance at Al's show at the Greek Theater in LA.
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Re: Al in "The Amazing Johnathan Documentary" on Hulu

Post by CB Johnny »

That was a good documentary even without the motivation of seeing Al's brief appearances! Also Al is an adorably charming interviewee. When Ben reveals to Al that Ben has to essentially compete with another film crew who is simultaneously documenting Jonathan's final tour, Al sounds curious but not at Ben's expense. He conveys it in this warm, empathetic way like he's just treating Ben like any friend who opens up about a struggle to you should be treated.
And, honestly, it's adorable that Al immediately backs off and reminds himself he is the one being interviewed yet he's asking the interviewer about what he's being told. That says something about how comfortable Ben has his guests feel when talking but also shows how charming and considerate Al is.

I loved that moment enough to justify watching the whole thing let alone the fact that the whole documentary is great. Jonathan is a fascinating person and an amazing performer. Ben's personal vestment in the story he was hoping to tell and then his own growth as a person in the end is what gives this documentary an identity that is vulnerable but doesn't capitalize on suffering. How things ended was very touching. Couldn't end it a better way if you tried.

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Re: Al in "The Amazing Johnathan Documentary" on Hulu

Post by Margarita »

I never knew who The Amazing Johnathan was until I watched this documentary, but still, I enjoyed it very much! It has all that a good movie needs: interesting characters, an intrigue, and Al's cameo, of course! :)

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