POLL: Which Setlist/Tracklist Combo Is Better?

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Which Setlist/Tracklist Combo is better?

#TRUMP1 - Team Groovy
#TRUMP2 - Team Pobeda
Total votes: 13

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POLL: Which Setlist/Tracklist Combo Is Better?

Post by TMBJon »

Which combination of setlist and tracklist do you think should have won this challenge?

Vote #TRUMP1 for Team Groovy
Vote #TRUMP2 for Team Pobeda

Tell us why!

Team Groovy

Greatest Hits
Gratest Huits III

1 White n Nerdy
2 Word Crimes
3 Perform This Way
4 Amish Paradise
5 Pretty Fly for a Rabbi
6 I'll Sue Ya
7 Callin' In Sick
8 Wanna B Ur Lovr
9 If That isn't Love
10 My Own Eyes
11 Complicated Song
12 The Saga Begins

Set List
Back in Time Tour

Fun Zone (prior to the show)

[[ First Section ]]

Couch Potato
5 minute clothing change
Pretty Fly For A Rabbi
5 minute clothing change
CNR (Preformed in "TMZ" costume to allow the show to be a tad shorter)
5 minute clothing change
Polka Power!
5 minute costume change

[[ Medley ]]
Skipper Dan
Trash Day
My Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder
Callin' In Sick
I Was Only Kidding
Rye Or The Kaiser
Medley Finale
Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch

[[ Second Section ]]
This Is The Life
5 minute costume change
Midnight Star
5 minute costume change
A Complicated Song
I'll Sue Ya
My Own Eyes
Encore, including costume change
Mission Statement
Jackson Park Express

Team Pobeda

Greatest Hits

The Saga Begins
Amish Paradise
Word Crimes
Canadian Idiot
Whatever You Like
It’s All About the Pentiums
Perform This Way
White and Nerdy
The Night Santa Went Crazy

Set List
Opening: Sports Song (Al could wear a costume that has a little of most major sports on it and even throw in part of a cheerleader thing.)
Polka on 45
My Own Eyes
Epic Medley:
*Trapped in the Drive Thru
*The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota
*Stop Forwarding this Crap to Me
*Stuck in a Closet with Vanna White
* Don't Download This Song
*First World Problems
Callin In Sick
Mission Statement
One More Minute
Complicated Song
Polka Song Medley:
* Couch Potato;
*Cavity Search;
*Addicted To Spuds;
*My Bologna;
* Do I Creep You Out;
* Complicated Song
Trigger Happy
That’s Your Horoscope For Today
You Don't Love Me Anymore
Young, Dumb, and Ugly
Why Does This Always Happen to Me

Nature Trail to Hell
Let Me Be Your Hog
I couldn't tell a dirt clod from a plate of caviar.

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Re: POLL: Which Setlist/Tracklist Combo Is Better?

Post by Muldernscully »

I'm not really critical of either setlist, I just love listening to Al sing, although I give a slight edge to Pobeda because it contains a snippet of 'You Don't Love Me Anymore', my favorite Weird Al song, which I'd love to see him end a concert with. As for Greatest Hits albums, I'm basing my vote off of my preferred tracklist for GH3. In album order:
1- Amish Paradise
2- The Night Santa Went Crazy
3- The Saga Begins
4- It's All About the Pentiums
5- Couch Potato
6- Wanna B Ur Lovr
7- White N Nerdy
8- Canadian Idiot
9- Perform This Way
10- Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me
11- Word Crimes
12- Tacky

Groovy had 6 of my 12 and Pobeda had 9 of my 12, so the edge goes to Pobeda on this as well.

So, I guess Pobeda wins overall by having a slightly better setlist and a better matching GH tracklist.

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