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Re: Wish List

Post by IFoundMyYankochicks »

I thought RadioShack went out of business :?
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Re: Wish List

Post by chickadee »

I still wish they'd make a movie about him. The soundtrack alone would be awesome!!! :accordion:
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Re: Wish List

Post by Killingsworth »

Big Spoon wrote:My wish is for Al to release a single soon.
My wish is pretty much for this and for Al to place TMZ in the medley of next year's touring leg.
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Re: Wish List

Post by Wizzerkat »

I wish Al decides to keep making polkas and do it every few years to let us know what's been popular. Also, a live action video for a polka would be cool!
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Re: Wish List

Post by KatrinatheGood »

I suppose my greatest wish would be that Al have Hardware Store in the next leg of the tour. Even if it's just in the medley. That would make me a happy panda.
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Re: Wish List

Post by Yup. »

My wish is to get to meet up with all of my internet friends at an Al show or 2 next leg.
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Re: Wish List

Post by Yankomaniac »

IF they do any more unannounced dates next year, just would like to hear a classic original in the set that has not been done yet. Some support from the D would still be the most ultimate show in my mind, would be an even better draw in Europe since a lot of the shows weren't all ages anyway.
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Re: Wish List

Post by Song Dust »

I wish that during the next leg of the tour he comes back to the UK. I so want to be able to see him again!

I also hope for a new single and that it does well. I don't expect it would be Mandatory Fun successful as it wouldn't be an album; however seeing Al so happy with his successes this year made me happy, too. So that's a wish for him, I guess.

I also agree with Wizzerkat; I'd love to see more polka medleys! Having them be no more would feel like the end of an era. :(
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Re: Wish List

Post by joseyklein »

My wish is to meet Al

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Re: Wish List

Post by Teh Dingo »

I wish Al would smite mine enemies
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