My New Teacher and Me!

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Re: My New Teacher and Me!

Post by Big Spoon »

My copy came in the mail this afternoon. I really enjoyed it, but found the first one to be better. But maybe it'll grow on me after another read.
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Re: My New Teacher and Me!

Post by Yup. »

We ordered my copy on Sunday, should be here today! :D I can't wait. I read to kids in the public library down the street from me, and every time I do, they ask for When I Grow Up. I hope they do the same with My New Teacher And Me! :whoot: :drool: :great:
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Re: My New Teacher and Me!

Post by arewethereyet »

This is a very cute story. I like it even more than When I Grow Up.
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Re: My New Teacher and Me!

Post by crazygurl14 »

I read this to my daughter last night and she really enjoyed it. I then tried reading When I Grow up and she didn't like it as much. She was done after a few pages. Idk if its because there seems to be more word in WIGU or if maybe she was done after 1 and a little more books. I'll have to try it again another day. I think the story in the new book is cuter but I do like the word play of the first. They both are great in their own ways, as they should be :D
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Re: My New Teacher and Me!

Post by minnick27 »

I got the new book today. Its cute. I mean its obviously meant for a reader slightly younger than I, but I still enjoyed it. The last page kind of reminds me of the first album cover. And I did find a 27 in the book, so look out for that

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Re: My New Teacher and Me!

Post by Kevbo1987 »

I finally got around to reading this, and it is a cute book. My nephews loved When I Grow Up, so I'll be eager to hear what they think of this one.
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Re: My New Teacher and Me!

Post by Alinite27 »

Got the book today in LA at the signing.

Just like the other book. Fun, and very insightful writing.

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Re: My New Teacher and Me!

Post by JEDM »

$20 well spent. :)

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Re: My New Teacher and Me!

Post by Killingsworth »

I just entered a HarperCollins giveaway to win a free copy of this book!
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Re: My New Teacher and Me!

Post by QuantumError »

My copy came in today, looking forward to reading it.

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