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Post by Manda »

I dont care for it. Mostly because I listen to it too much and I got tired of it.
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Post by Yank27 »

"Was the love that you gave
That we made
Was unable to make it enough for you to be open wide"

Out of the whole album, that's still a line that I have trouble with. Oddly enough, it's my favorite, just because it's so hard to say! :D
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Post by algonacchick »

hehe, yeah, but seeing Alanis' video in the background going twice as fast is even more hysterical! Again, more footage from a friend. :F
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So awesome!

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Post by Wardie »

Seeing as a number of other threads are about rating songs I might as well start it going here.

Amish Paradise - inspired song, really one of Al's better ones. 9.0/10

Everything You Know Is Wrong - good at parts but overall not a real favourite. 6.2/10

Cavity Search - man, this song is so brilliant! They should play this instead of Muzak. 9.6/10

Callin' In Sick - exactly what I like to do on a sunny day. 8.8/10

The Alternative Polka - very catchy and good in parts. 8.4/10

Since You've Been Gone - no instruments whatsoever . He should do this more often. 8.1/10

Gump - a bit short but it's still a good song. 7.2/10

I'm So Sick of You - some good lines but not a real favourite. 6.2/10

Syndicated Inc. - despite what most people say, I actually like this (and hate Albuquerque. So sue me.) 7.9/10

I Remember Larry - not much in the way of melody but the lyrics are amusing. 7.8/10

Phony Calls - catchy and good lines. 8.2/10

The Night Santa Went Crazy - probably the best original I've heard. 9.6/10

Overall: 8.1/10
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Post by modular »

Amish Paradise Real good parody, good video, nothing bad at all. 9/10

Everything You Know Is Wrong Possibly my favourite Al song ever! 10/10

Cavity Search Haven't heard the original, but still a good song. Never actually had dental work done on me, so the drill doesn't freak me out. 8.5/10

Callin' In Sick This is a good song, but gets a bit boring near the end. 8.5/10

The Alternative Polka I'm going to say something risky. "This is my least favourite polka." 7/10

Since You've Been Gone Brilliant. Why can't this be longer? 9/10

Gump Meh... 7/10

I'm So Sick of You Great song! Good tune, like the organ part. 8/10

Syndicated Inc. I don't hate it as much as other people. 5.5/10

I Remember Larry Good song to sing along to, very catchy. 8.5/10

Phony Calls Don't like the original, this isn't great either. 7/10

The Night Santa Went Crazy Very very catchy, good lyrics too. 8/10
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Post by Jenny »

Amish Paradise - Great lyrics, funny concept (an amish talking like a gansta? lol)-9/10

Everything You Know Is Wrong - Again, the second songs are usually my favorites. I LOVE this song. I laugh and laugh. AND I can sing the whole third verse in one breath. While driving. Oh yeah. 10/10

Cavity Search - Oh, I can so relate to this song. Well done, funny, and musically very interesting. 9/10

Callin' In Sick - Funny and fun to sing with. 8/10

The Alternative Polka - This Polka's! Upbeat tempos make the depressing lyrics hilarious. And how about that Accordian Player? 10/10

Since You've Been Gone - Classic. Love it. 10/10

Gump - Awesome. Spot-on. Great vocals, great lyrics. 10/10

I'm So Sick of You - Oh, how I love this song. "You've got the hair of a boxing promotor!" 9/10

Syndicated Inc. - Well, ya know....I don't hate this song. I really don't. But I don't love it. After about the 27th time you hear it, you've kind of "heard it", if you know what I mean. No real deeper meaning or inside jokes to find. 7/10

I Remember Larry - Well, ya know....I don't hate this song either. But it came out after my Uncle Larry passed away so I always skipped it. To this day I really don't listen to it. So...I won't rate it.

Phony Calls - Long car trip? Bring on this song. Short car trip? I'm hitting the skip button. Great use of the Simpsons, and for what it's worth, Al sounds a whole lot like T-boz ;) 7/10

The Night Santa Went Crazy - Spectacular. Amazing. Love it! 10/10

Gotta love the Cover Art as well!

Overall, 9/10 average. :D
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Post by Manda »

Amish Paradise:A good parody. A funny song with a great video. I give it a 9/10.

Everything you know is Wrong: This song ok. I don't listen to it to much. I give this a 7/10.

Cavity Search: A good song. Very funny. I give this song a 9/10.

Callin' in Sick: I love this song. Very funny. I give it a 10/10.

The Alternative Polka: I don't mind this polka. Its ok. But its not my favorite. I give it a 7/10.

Since you've been Gone: I love this song. Very funny. Good music. I give a 10/10.

Gump: A great parody. Great video. Funny song. I give it a 9/10.

I'm So Sick of You: A good song. Very funny. Not one that stands out. I give it a 8/10.

Syndicated Inc.: I love this song. Not that funny. But still a good song. I give it a 10/10.

Phony Calls: A great parody. Very funny.I give it a 9/10.

The Night Santa Went Crazy: Very funny. I love this song. I give it a 10/10.

This album is good. I give it a 9/10.
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Post by weirdojace »

AMISH PARADISE -- 9/10 Very good parody, the video makes it even better.

EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG -- 8/10 Nicely done original. And I like TMBG so yay. (By the way, there's a Powerpuff Girls comic called "Everything You Know About the Powerpuff Girls is Wrong.")

CAVITY SEARCH -- 6/10 Good parody, but it gets kinda boring.

CALLIN' IN SICK -- 9/10 When I heard "Come as You Are", I was surprised by how similar they sounded! It very well could be mistaken for a direct parody.

THE ALTERNATIVE POLKA -- 7/10 This isn't my favorite polka. *hides*


GUMP -- 6/10 Dare I say it...I never liked this song very much.

I'M SO SICK OF YOU -- 9/10 Catchy.

SYNDICATED INC -- 3/10 Dare I say this...I agree with Bruce the Duck. *holds up a shield*

I REMEMBER LARRY -- 5/10 Blah. I gave it a 5 only for the backward message. The song itself is...not good.

PHONY CALLS -- 10/10 This was like, one of the first Al songs I ever heard. This was the song that got me hooked.

THE NIGHT SANTA WENT CRAZY -- 10/10 I love it." onclick=";return false;
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Post by Conor »

1. Amish Paradise 10/10
2. Everything You Know Is Wrong 10/10
3. Cavity Search 5/10
4. Callin In Sick 6/10
5. The Alternative Polka 10/10
6. Since You've Been Gone 10/10
7. Gump 10/10
8. I'm So Sick Of You 2/10
9. Sydicated Inc. 4/10
10. I Remember Larry 10/10
11. Phony Calls 9/10
12. The Night Santa Went Crazy 20/10
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Post by drnick954 »

this is already been a topic.
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