Weirdzer - "Africa"

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Re: Weirdzer - "Africa"

Postby SophieT » Wed Sep 26, 2018 4:09 am

spmahn wrote:It’s kind of funny I guess? I guess I don’t really see the point, it’s just Al lip syncing to Weezer’s cover of Africa which as far as cover songs go is not very good.

You don't see the point? It's only Al lip syncing?
My god, man don't you have eyes?
I can't stop watching Al move. It's wonderful, funny and a true testament to Al's physical comedy, which is so overlooked!!
What's the point of making any artistic en devour that makes us laugh and forget about our troubles,if even for a moment?
Rock on Al and never stop dancing, we need you!!! :tacky:
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