The Aquabats! Los Angeles, CA 09/01/18

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The Aquabats! Los Angeles, CA 09/01/18

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Al joined the stage twice. A editer reports it was to perform (what the editor called "Dueling banjos or accordions.")
Whether it was actually called exactly that on stage is yet to be seen. Al hasn't done an accordion based Dueling Banjos routine since the early touring years. Dueling Accordions is one of the few "you really had to be there to hear it" songs even with everything he has brought back for Vanity Tour or has...surfaced through other means these days.

So this sounds really special for Weird Al completionists. Hopefully The Aquabats encourage and tolerate audience recordings.

The final number has Al, Tom Lennon, and every other guest join The Aquabats on stage for a cover of Heroes by David Bowie.

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