Recording found within a recording!

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Recording found within a recording!

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As you're likely aware, there's a recording for a Randy Newman parody called Zyg Callers available on Al's friend Mike Solton's Youtube account LostInBuenosAires.
Apparently there is more to that upload!

While I was fine-tuning the audio quality for my private collection, I pulled up my Zyg Callers recording on Audacity and noticed that the left and right wavelengths are a little too different to go unnoticed. I got curious and isolated the left wavelength after splitting the stereo track.

What do I hear? It's Al playing accordion. You can hear a metronome as well. (Thank you, Mike, for confirming that!)

Perhaps the tape that the skit was recorded on was previously used for Al to practice this song. I don't want to assume any intentions but the metronome is a reasonable indicator it wasn't meant to be sent to anyone especially if Al and his friends felt fine taping over it later on.

Now, had it just been a track he literally threw in the garbage I'd be disinterested and even uncomfortable accessing let alone sharing fandom-wide.

However, it's a quaint simple accordion ditty unearthed from a recording his friend put up.

My fellow fans, if this wasn't already interesting enough.... I feel that this song sounds a bit familiar. :detective:
This is speculative and it needs to be treated as such.

I asked Mike Solton if that was perhaps an older discarded take of a certain song he and Al worked together on. |)
This was before he confirmed that the rhythmic noises towards the beginning were a metronome.

He confirmed that it couldn't be the song they recorded as it was done elsewhere on someone else's equipment and tapes.

However, in light of there being a metronome and it's just Al playing instead of there being no horns or vocals........unlike a certain song

Could this be..... Al practicing for their Dr Demento contest entry Pico And Repulsiva? :oo

I have taken the liberty of augmenting the recording for you all. ... .flac?dl=0" onclick=";return false;

Here it is in wav form if you don't have a FLAC codec ... m.wav?dl=0" onclick=";return false;

Excuse me folks while I get sentimental a bit.

Al, if you're reading this.. :w I hope it's okay that I'm calling some attention to it. It's appreciatable how guarded you've been with your teenager era music and I'm figuring that in light of this recording being purely instrumental then there's far less a chance you'd feel self-critical...... And had this been found from dumpster diving or something equally invasive I'd say just let it decay.

Mods- if anything about this is not kosher then work your magic

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