Highlights & Anomalies thread

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Highlights & Anomalies thread

Post by ergalthema »

I just saw this post:
https://www.weirdalforum.com/viewtopic. ... 10#p856709" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
richegreen wrote:Holy cow, listening to this show and that version of Craigslist went waaaaay off script! Was that something Al started doing later in this tour, or did someone slip some LSD into his tofu that night?

..... And oh God, that midsong explanation during YDLMA....
Since some of us might not get a chance to listen to all 77 shows anytime soon, I was wondering if people might want to help us out and post about unique moments in this thread?

I'd say anything goes - funny banter, song alterations, mistakes, particularly good performances, etc.

For the Craiglist example above, I thought it was significant enough to add a note in the spreadsheet.

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Re: Highlights & Anomalies thread

Post by OneWAY »

I can only think of a few things off the top of my head:

- Al accidentally missed his first cue to sing Don't Download This Song at the 3/22 NYC show, so he kinda rushed to catch up, which was kinda funny.
- During the Portsmouth 3/3 show, Al and Steve had a small running joke that a "bass lick" would preface every "world premiere" song that night. It was always just a single note.
- Also during Portsmouth, Al mentioned your spreadsheet after the first drum solo (or as he called it, the second drum solo of the tour)
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Re: Highlights & Anomalies thread

Post by richegreen »

Well the Green Bay show is one of the most insane Weird Al concerts I've ever heard. Aside from what was mentioned in the thread above, it featured Jim playing some classic porn music while Ruben was modeling on stage (I can only imagine what that LOOKED like) which I don't think is listed on the spreadsheet..... And a nearly 20 minute version of Albuquerque!

NYC2 features Al actually playing guitar on Cinammon Girl, and 37 minutes in is the Steve and Dave Grohl story which was one of the funniest moments I've ever seen in a live show (just imagine Steve's face getting redder and redder as it goes on)

I really enjoyed the story Al told about OMM in NYC1, as well as the audience reaction to it.

Tarrytown is a good listen if you want to hear how the show was before they worked out the kinks. There was a lot of technical banter in that one, and a recurring "first time ever played live" fanfare that Bermuda kept messing up on.

I don't know if this was a recurring thing, but in I Was Only Kidding in the Augusta GA show, there's a surprise in the middle of it similar to the one in Green Bay YDLMA.
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Re: Highlights & Anomalies thread

Post by AiYume »

ergalthema wrote: Since some of us might not get a chance to listen to all 77 shows anytime soon, I was wondering if people might want to help us out and post about unique moments in this thread?

I'd say anything goes - funny banter, song alterations, mistakes, particularly good performances, etc.
He told a very funny story in Oakland, CA leading up to One More Minute about a station that wanted to bleep a certain word. It still makes me laugh thinking about it.

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Re: Highlights & Anomalies thread

Post by Big Spoon »

He told that in the May 10th Los Angeles show, too. I love that story. :lol:
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Re: Highlights & Anomalies thread

Post by Muppetboy09 »

I'll update my list as I remember/find more:

-Poughkepsee, Rubén started playing Don't Download This Song in the wrong key, and Al stops him, saying "Let's try it in the right key this time"

-Tarrytown (along with the ongoing "first time played" banter), Bermuda starts into Traffic Jam too early, causing Al to scream "WAIT! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?".

-Toronto March 9th, Bob is played in the completely wrong key

-April 14th show has the fire alarm going off right before Truck Driving song, as well as an early mis-cue from Rubén before "I Was Only Kidding".
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Re: Highlights & Anomalies thread

Post by TMBJon »

In Connecticut (episode 3), Al sings "the kids were jumping up and down yelling arna darnda." :wacko:
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Re: Highlights & Anomalies thread

Post by RunningWithScissors »

Listing to green bay now.... .... the whole cregslist thing actually creeped me out o.o dunno why.

So did the "My character eats snakes!"

I dunno, maybe it's because I'm sick so I don't get the humor right now? But both really creeped me out.

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Re: Highlights & Anomalies thread

Post by Killingsworth »

AiYume wrote:He told a very funny story in Oakland, CA leading up to One More Minute about a station that wanted to bleep a certain word. It still makes me laugh thinking about it!
He also told this story in Denver.

Also in Denver, there was a bit of banter between Al and Ruben in the introduction to WDTAHTM. He said some people may actually recognize Ruben from his days as a child actor and stated his most famous role was "Little Cousin Jorge" on the fifth season of Chico & The Man. Al asled Ruben to repeat his famous catchphrase and he said something like "Si, Muchas Gracis Senor Yankovic" to which Al replied "that was borderline racist." Al asked him what Freddie Prinze Sr. was like to work with and Ruben said "very edgy". Al then asked Ruben if he still gets residuals for this and Ruben joked that he made about as much from that show as he does going on tour with this band.

He introduced NTTH by saying "this may look like an accordion but its' actually a pipe organ" before going right into the song. He introduced GOD by saying that he had actually written this song about his own life/childhood but had taken massive creative liberties with it (the girls name wasn't "Michelle"). By this point in the tour his introduction to Twine Ball included the name of the real life man who "built" the Twine Ball (Francis A. Johnson).

He had also started introducing UHF by talking about a 1989 film that "changed the world" and naming Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade as that film ("a film that critics everywhere agree is one of the top two Indiana Jones sequels,of all time). He said they would like to play a selection from THAT soundtrack (John Williams' haunting score "Nazis? I Did Nazi That Coming!") but since they don'the know that one, they would be playing UHF instead. Between Albuquerque & One More Minute, Al talked about how they just now started to get a nice mellow vibe going and wanted to just keep fading out to the end of the show when Bermuda suddenly kicked in with the drums to Albuquerque.

In Grand Junction, Jim forgot to sing the line "oh please don't you do it" during DDTS. Also, Al introduced BMAC by saying he was going to play a country song ("not this country, one from Jamaica") and that this would be the "cultural appropriation" portion of the show. Al introduced When I Was Your Age by saying that it was inspired by an obscure Rolling Stone Reader poll from the late '80s that determined Don Henley to be the member of the Eagles most likely to yell at kids to get off his lawn.

Al introduced Airline Amy & She Never Told Me She Was A Mime by saying how the former is consistently ranked in the bottom three in online lists of his songs ranked from best to worst and that the latter is always consistently at the bottom when the former is second from the bottom. He & Jim teased a special extended version of My Own Eyes where Jim was going to hold his opening note for 30-45 minutes until Al just decided to do the "regular" version.

Finally, he introduced One Of Those Days by mentioning it being a deep cut from Polka Party and saying how that is such a redundant phrase since Polka Party was such a flop if an album that all of its songs were deep cuts and that he was wasting his own and everyone's time and lives by saying way more words than he needed to.
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Re: Highlights & Anomalies thread

Post by crazygurl14 »

Fargo show 74 Al called for a drum solo reprieve and Jon did my dum solo to my bologna. I laughed so hard

Currently listening to #73 now. I was very pleasantly surprised that they opened with young, dumb and ugly

Yoda in winnepeg- he stopped to saybhe called it that they'll be making the star wars movies this their old and grey in 1980- then he called some girl out for looking at her phone and not singing Yoda
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