Zyg Callers

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Zyg Callers

Post by Big Spoon »

Mike Solton just shared this previously unreleased Al track! (That I hadn't even heard of before.) A parody of Randy Newman's Short People, called Zyg Callers, which played on the Zygot Joke Hotline, from circa 1978.
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Re: Zyg Callers

Post by Muppetboy09 »

Awesome find! Can't believe this video has been out for 4 years, and I had yet to see it...
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Re: Zyg Callers

Post by QuantumError »

Wow what a find!

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Re: Zyg Callers

Post by Yankomaniac »

Man, that is hilarious. How the hell did I not see this till now?
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Re: Zyg Callers

Post by CB Johnny »

edit: Disregard this comment. I found a means to reach him. I'll explain more when I can. Thank you for your patience, everyone.

Double edit: So I found something within Zyg Callers's recording. I took the liberty of giving this discovery its own topic for people to discuss and (over)analyze rather than distract from any potential discussion of Zyg Callers proper here. If mods feel it should be merged here then I'm at peace with that.

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