Pretty Fly For A Rabbi

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Re: Pretty Fly For A Rabbi

Post by Yankomaniac »

Al was so on top as always back then but had the some really good stuff to work with. Was huge into Americana when it came out, maybe a year or so earlier but that song was always my least favorite. RWS came out the same summer, as did Episode 1 and holy hell he made a masterpiece of Pretty Fly which was for The Offspring an okay song, even though it did wonders for the band. Rest of album was so great. No doubt this parody is brilliant from start to finish, as with all the parodies on RWS. Amazing summer of my life with much help from these albums and the Star Wars movie.
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Re: Pretty Fly For A Rabbi

Post by Teridax »

Have any Australian fans here actually seen the PFFAR video that was allegedly cut from live footage to accompany the single there?

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