9/18/2016 Palace Theater -Waterbury, CT

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Re: 9/18/2016 Palace Theater -Waterbury, CT

Post by DrSteggy »

Jigawatt wrote: Your pics came out great! I'm glad one of us remembered to have a camera that actually, you know, as a power source. X*
Thank you! My biggest fears with eventually replacing this camera (that sensor can't go forever, can it?) is not being able to get a viewfinder and being forced to use some proprietary battery.
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Re: 9/18/2016 Palace Theater -Waterbury, CT

Post by ajv2001 »

DrSteggy wrote:

If you are referring to this thing:

[ [url=http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b65/drsteggy/2010%20Internet%20Leaks%20Tour/Westbury%20June%2024/IMG_7261.jpg] ][/url]

that isn't a microphone. Its something that is involved in the sound system, and it helps (IIRC the explanation I was given a looooong time ago) the sound guys make sure the mix is good. Its some sort of transmitter? Adrian-do you remember that? I'm pretty sure you and I asked about that beast. Its not recording anything. That image is from the 2010 Internet Leaks Tour (June 24 2010) and was taken in Westbury NY. That piece of equipment is still on the stage, at least. I'm not sure if that is what you mean--I know we picked it out years ago and asked someone what it was.


Photos from last night

http://s17.photobucket.com/user/drstegg ... 0CT%209-18" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
No, it looks like a real microphone. Heres a picture, hard to see but check it out:
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Re: 9/18/2016 Palace Theater -Waterbury, CT

Post by Elvis »

Here are my pics. Met up with Ethan, Adrian, and Anne for a pre-show dinner at GeorgeMaggie McFly's in Southbury. Very nice theater, it was built in 1922 when they paid attention to details when building things, so it's pretty inside. We had decent seats for the concert, row K so a little further back than we usually sit, but dead center. I had to climb over a lot of people to get to my seat. Concert was good, sounded good. We were far enough back to get streamers during CI. Usually they go over my head. One girl sitting in the row in front of us on the aisle got licked by Al twice during WBUL. Al sounded a little off on the line "do you see him hitting on the queen" in TSB, like he said the right words but at the wrong time. Hard to explain. After the show, we waited by the buses for about 2 hours again. There were literally 7 people waiting, and some spiders. It started to rain so we gathered under the world's tiniest umbrella that Anne brought. Needed to show the ticket stub again to get an autograph. We let the 3 other people go ahead of us in line. Then when Al came out instead of sitting on the bus step, he got in line too behind us. Then he got kicked out for not having a ticket and went on the bus. I got my beard signed. We wanted a picture of the marquee with Al's name on it, but it kept cycling through the other shows, so we waited for what felt like an eternity. Then on the drive home, I followed the buses on I-84 for a couple miles. At the merge to I-684 they slowed down to let me pass. Then I think they caught up to me again later because I had a bus follow me for a while, then lost them again as I got onto I-287.

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Re: 9/18/2016 Palace Theater -Waterbury, CT

Post by Sappho »

Elvis wrote: Then when Al came out instead of sitting on the bus step, he got in line too behind us. Then he got kicked out for not having a ticket and went on the bus.
omg that's hilarious :lol: getting in and then kicked out of his own autograph line I love it :lol:
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Re: 9/18/2016 Palace Theater -Waterbury, CT

Post by senorconebra »

HAHA man got kicked out of his own autograph line. What a savage
conk or bepis

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Re: 9/18/2016 Palace Theater -Waterbury, CT

Post by Jigawatt »

It was funny, because Anne was searching her bag for something, so we had told the couple of people behind us in line that they could pass us. Someone else walked up and asked "is this the line?" and I was about to tell him that he could pass us, too... then I looked up and noticed it was Al. :lol:

Also, I got my chin signed. After Dave got his beard signed, I said, "Sorry, I shaved today, so I don't have anything to sign." JW yelled "get your chin signed" from behind me, and Al raised his marker up and looked at me... so I said, oh, what the hell.


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Re: 9/18/2016 Palace Theater -Waterbury, CT

Post by Heds »

senorconebra wrote:HAHA man got kicked out of his own autograph line. What a savage
Only Al could pull that off - totally savage.


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Re: 9/18/2016 Palace Theater -Waterbury, CT

Post by Yankopunk »

I really hope that you got your chin tattooed. I mean, you didn't wash that off, did you? DID YOU?! :angry:

That must have been a trip, having Al walk up behind you like he's waiting in line. Awesome.
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