2 Versions Of Uhf

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Post by Smiddle »

Doesn't the TV explode in the vide version?
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Post by JEDM »

It explodes in the video for it.

The version used for this video, the song itself, doesn't have th TV blowing up. Sorry :(

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Post by Monkeytender »

I've just got to say, I love the music video for this song. It's kind of like what I imagine an actual polka music video would look like.
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Post by Bruce the Duck »

I wish he would release the full length version from the film. We already have the other two versions.

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Post by RyanHippFTW »

That version should've been on the album. It wouldn't have caused any problems with space, as far as I can tell.

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Post by FredHuggins »

Bermuda briefly talked about it at ALCON '98 - that long version in the credits where the song actually ends (rather than fading out) was a LAST SECOND addition to the movie. They always intended it to simply fade out, but the full un-faded version was of an absolutely perfect length for the credits. And they didn't make that decision until AFTER the soundtrack CD was finalized.
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Post by cromulnt »

CatraDhtem @ April 15, 2005 12:19 am wrote: Actually, most likely the shorter version uses the same vocal track as the longer version, since the key difference between the two is an instrumental bridge and not a change in lyrics.
I would assume that they simply edited out parts of the long version to create the short one. Not unlike how they chopped "Buddy Holly" out of "The Alternative Polka".

(And yes, I know I'm responding to a 4-year-old post here, but as someone who's dabbled in radio production/editing, this stuff fascinates me.)

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Re: 2 Versions Of Uhf

Post by Yankomaniac »

Very upsetting to see that they are doing the shortened video version of the song live and not the one with the ripping solo. Really sucks actually, would have loved to see Jim do that but Al probably thought it was too long or something. Thought they'd be doing the ending from the end of the credits in the movie too, makes sense but they end it abruptly minus the explosion in the video. I really don't feel as bad about not hearing now, even though Bermuda and Steve really shine on it.
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