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Post by Poptronixx »

:Y Thanks Mariel for those great interviews. Al is wonderful! :inlove:

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Post by jerAL »

Thanks Mariel, you did it again! :bigups: is distinguished from all other creatures by the faculty of laughter.
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Post by weirdalisthephantomoftheopera »

I finally got it to work. My advice is to open it through Internet Explorer. Firefox for some reason or antoher wouldn't play it.
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Post by KnottyEmily »

Yeah, I had to open it in IE too . I found that Firefox would play some of the clip and then just stop, no matter how long i left it.
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Post by stupidsurgeon27 »

I got to play all of it on IE. Very nice interviews to watch. They made me happy.
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Post by evan_ms »

Thanks, not a bad interview


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