06/08/2018 Jesse Auditorium, Columbia, MO

2018 - Now with opening act Emo Philips!

Re: 06/08/2018 Jesse Auditorium, Columbia, MO

by CB Johnny » Sat Jun 09, 2018 6:10 pm

Gee, I wish Setlist.FM listed The Saga Begins as Anakin Guy. :P :lol:

To be fair: neither Grateful Dead Version or Unplugged Version are titles. The title is Dare To Be Stupid regardless of arrangement.

Like A Surgeon (Madonna's Truth Or Dare Version) isn't a title either.

In the end they are just ways of making it clear what variation they are for collectors and archivists.

One is just more accurate and uniform to the rest of the songs he gave an unplugged rendition of.

I can relate on that excitement about the Pearl Jam cover by the way. I was itching for Al to cover anything that Ninja Sex Party covered but alas. He did not.
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