3/13/2018 [email protected] Center for the Arts, Buffalo,NY

2018 - Now with opening act Emo Philips!

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Re: 3/13/2018 [email protected] Center for the Arts, Buffal

Postby minnick27 » Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:57 pm

AlejandraDD wrote:
TMBJon wrote:How about a video review by you and Marc for #YNN??

I have a poor track of videos we film ever making it to YouTube, so I'd rather stick with a text post for now. Less of a review per se, and more like scattered thoughts about the concert.

On a TMI note: You know those IBS drug commercials when the person is missing out on life because they're in the bathroom? I don't have IBS but I made some poor food and drink choices earlier that day and I didn't think I was going to make it to the show, but I did. Crisis Averted? LOL.

Disappointed at the merch selection once again. The only shirt option in a Ladies style was a shirt with a picture of Al, with nothing in the back. The Men's version of the same design had the tour dates on the back. And the third shirt option, which was the design I wanted, with the full name of the tour in the back, was available in Men's style only. I really didn't want to spend $30 I can't afford on a shirt that won't fit me properly. Marc did get that T-shirt, though, because he has a manly-shaped body, obviously, and everything he wears instantly becomes sexy

I found the sound of the venue to be very distorted at times. I hadn't been in a concert in a while (since 2016), so I can't remember if it's a thing about concerts in general or this venue was particularly bad. It was hard for me to understand Emo's set. And the bits I did understand, I didn't find particularly funny (I probably understood 60% of the show and laughed at 20% of it), but I'm not a big fan of stand-up comedy in general.

Wasn't sure if I was going to live-tweet because I thought it may be distracting, but I did anyway, and it was indeed a bit distracting. If I had known there was someone taking video of the whole thing, I wouldn't have bothered. By the way, it's pretty good quality video, can't link to it here, so go to Youtube and look it up.

The people in the venue were cheering between songs, but during the songs... nothing. Like they were watching the news or something. I must have seen about 4-5 people within my visual range singing along very sparingly, and another handful nodding their heads with the rhythm here and there. A lot of people did sing along with "Saga", though (which I didn't even know it was that popular anyway), so they were at least casual fans. I don't understand spending so much money for something you're not super-duper 100% passionate about. They had 6 months to check out the back catalog and they didn't. Maybe everyone else has oodles of disposable income they don't know what to do with, and I'm just a poor that only goes to Weird Al Concerts.

By the way, I never hear Marc sing except when we're at a Weird Al concert. He was hoping for Albuquerque and Jackson Park Express. He kept yelling "Albuquerque" between songs after every single song, but at least we got to hear JPE, and we still have four more concerts to go.

I did like the format of the show of them singing all the songs back to back (Al took a sip of water, and on to the next song he went). Not sure if I cared much about them being so still. Al only stood up and walked around a bit during the medley. I missed the costumes a little bit, if only for the drool factor. I mean, is Cragislist really Craigslist without the leather pants? There's something missing there, and my Al Gals will know what I'm talking about.

Every song was a song I liked. Thankfully no Bob, for which I have an irrational hatred (even though I can't help but sing it when it comes on anyway). I had never heard the cover song (even though The Husband insist that I MUST have heard it since it's in every movie ever or something) and had no idea what it was. Disappointed at the lack of Fun Zone as an opener, and I'm still not convinced at "Saga" being the best closer or best full parody song he could have come up with.

We didn't stick around to try to say hi to Al since it was very cold and a bit snowy, and we had been up since 6 AM (we worked half a day and left for Buffalo at around noon) and we were tired from the trip and also we are old and cranky and middle-aged. Also, I feel like I'm out of things to tell Al (other than perhaps "hi, Al") since I have met him before in person. Also, he knows who I am and that always kinda freaks me out a little, lol.

Next concerts up for us: Lancaster, North Bethesda, Greensburg (yay, 10 minutes from my house) and Cleveland.
Oh good, ill get to see you guys twice this tour!

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Re: 3/13/2018 [email protected] Center for the Arts, Buffal

Postby uwvark » Thu Mar 15, 2018 10:31 pm

PA roads were atrocious the next day going home.

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Re: 3/13/2018 [email protected] Center for the Arts, Buffal

Postby ergalthema » Thu Mar 15, 2018 11:11 pm

Anyone know if there was a solo (drum, bass, etc.) at this show?
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Re: 3/13/2018 [email protected] Center for the Arts, Buffal

Postby AlejandraDD » Fri Mar 16, 2018 1:50 pm

Drum solo before the medley
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