04/06-04/07/18: The Vic Theater, Chicago, IL

2018 - Now with opening act Emo Philips!

Re: 04/06-04/07/18: The Vic Theater, Chicago, IL

by MandatoryFunner » Wed Apr 11, 2018 5:23 pm

I saw both of the Chicago shows as well. Saturday's crowd seemed much more into it than Friday's (how many times did Emo come back out on Saturday? Awesome), and Saturday got Albuquerque, so I have to say I had just a smidge more fun Saturday than Friday. But both shows were great and I'm very glad I was able to go to both. Dr. Demento on Friday was totally unexpected but very cool as well. Hearing Beat on the Brat coming from Al was unusual, because of the subject matter, but of course he did a great job with it. I had no idea that song was in the Squeeze Box until I got home and checked my iPod.

As for the new format, I absolutely love it. I'd seen several shows before these and I knew these would be different. I was just as excited for these as any of the others. Besides the obvious, one thing that I noticed was that Al and the guys really seemed to be enjoying themselves. I'm sure they always do, and I had seats in the second row for one of the Mandatory Tour shows so I've seen just how much of a goofball Steve can be, but for some reason they just seemed more...I don't know...maybe content is the word? Like they were actually soaking up what was happening instead of just putting on a show. And Al being able to talk to the audience and tell "an amusing anecdote" to go along with the song was something we've never been able to see before. Great stuff. If this is the format from now on, I would still sign up for every show I possibly could.

Since this was mentioned above, I'll pick my own brain a bit. Back in my junior high chorus, we had what was called "The Great Novelty Song Kit" which included Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh and Purple People Eater, and a few others. Knowing those songs existed somehow brought me to Dr. Demento, which in turn introduced me to Al. I discovered him somewhere around Alapalooza and Off the Deep End. The Jurassic Park video sticks out in my head as very early. I kind of lost track of him for a while during and after college, around the Poodle Hat and Straight Outta Lynwood days. I don't remember what exactly happened to bring my attention back around, I thought it was The Saga Begins but that timeline doesn't make sense. Hmmm. Anyway, my first show was part of the Alpocalypse tour. I've been a close follower ever since. So much so that when I got a new puppy last summer, his name is Alfred. :D
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Re: 04/06-04/07/18: The Vic Theater, Chicago, IL

by amyshy » Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:52 am

bizarreblair wrote:
Muppetboy09 wrote:From what I'm seeing online, looks like Dr. Demento made an appearance last night!

Not only Dr. D...he was sharing an opera box with Suzanne & Nina! Glad I got to see this one! Hope Al & his family have fun in Chicago!

Then that *was* her!!! I was heading back to my seat from the ladies room before the show started and I passed a woman who I thought was Suzanne but then I thought, nah couldn't be her. I assumed she'd be home and if she was in Chicago why would she be out front and not backstage? Nice to know I wasn't totally nuts. :D

Both Chicago shows were totally amazing. Between the 2 nights he hit ALL of the songs I most wanted to hear from the list of they're doing on this tour. The cover of The Monkees Last Train to Clarksville was especially meaningful for me because around the time I got into Al I was also a big Monkees fan so their music is intertwined in my memories. That cover brought it full circle in a fantastic way. I was so, so glad I got to experience this tour. I shelled out for the VIP M&G package on Friday and scored a front row seat, by far the best I've ever had for an Al show, it was amazing to get to see him in action up close. Saturday I was third row which was almost as good (except for a poorly placed mic that almost blocked Al's face. :annoyed: ) I love the full production shows, but I think I like this format even more!
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