CBB 517 - "Malin Åkerman"

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CBB 517 - "Malin Åkerman"

Post by TMBJon »

Malin Åkerman Wears a Black Blouse and Cropped Jeans

Malin Akerman visits the Comedy Bang! Bang! set and reveals all her deep dark secrets. Meanwhile, Slow Joey tries to juggle his new business venture with falling in love.

I don't want to give too much away on this episode, but I will reveal that:
1) Malin Åkerman is indeed in the episode, but barely.
2) This is a break in the traditional format of the show.
3) The working title of the script is "Spinoff"...

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Re: CBB 517 - "Malin Åkerman"

Post by Big Spoon »

Okay, I loved this episode. Was different, but fantastic. I love it when a genre of TV shows is parodied like this, like with The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, or any of the other countless examples.

“Slow Joey, you maroon, I said tell us the bad news!”
“He’s just a PA, I think.” - Fantastic that they had no idea what Slow Joey's actual job was on CBB
Once we got to the actual Takin' It Slow part, 90% of the jokes were terrible, but that's part of what made it so fantastic. :lol:
Loved loved loved the overzealous studio audience that reacted to literally every line that was said in the most over the top manner.
I also found all the calls to Scott, in which he and Al mentioned how it was their best interview ever hilarious.

CBB has been on a roll lately! I've always liked it, but these past few weeks especially have been among some of my favorite episodes.
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Re: CBB 517 - "Malin Åkerman"

Post by Heds »

I've heard so much good stuff about the Takin' It Slow part, and will definitely put this episode first on my CBBTVS5 hitlist to see what all the fuss is about! (T)


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Re: CBB 517 - "Malin Åkerman"

Post by Sappho »

Wow, that was just about every possible bar sitcom / love boat trope stuffed into one episode - the overzealous laugh track reacting to nearly every line, the obvious catch phrases and recurring gags, the barfly so part of the furniture that he was left behind even while the bar was close, the couple getting love advice from the bartender, the evil nemesis trying to get the place shut down, everything. And then of course everything gets out of hand and Scott comes in like some Deus ex Machina to magically fix everything with a single sentence. XD I loved it. I also really liked Al's shirt in it, has he worn it in an earlier episode or am I just imagining that because I've seen him wearing it in other places and appearances? Now I'm curious, does he own those shirts now? Were any of them his already? :think:
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