CBB 505 - "T-Pain"

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Re: CBB 505 - "T-Pain"

Post by Killingsworth »

This is definitely my favorite episode of season 5 so far. I'mean really appreciatin this show more now that AL is a permanent fixture. Real Food is definitely my favorite thing Al has done on any TV show ever. I tweeted that statement to Al but only Scott and IFC liked it.
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Re: CBB 505 - "T-Pain"

Post by Capybara »

I'd say this one is also my favorite so far.
About how long does it take to complete each episode, especially the special effects heavy ones?
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Re: CBB 505 - "T-Pain"

Post by TMBJon »

Capybara wrote:About how long does it take to complete each episode, especially the special effects heavy ones?
No matter how intensive an episode is, the production has only TWO DAYS of shooting time for each episode!

In Post, we typically take about a week to turn it from a pile of raw footage into an "Editors Cut" which then goes to the director for notes. We then screen the subsequent Directors Cut for Scott, and he usually takes about two days of intensive scene by scene work with our lead editor to turn it into a Rough Cut which can then be sent to IFC. IFC usually does not have many notes, so what we turn in to IFC for that Rough Cut is more or less what you see on TV except for: sound mixing, color grading, graphics, and visual effects. That part of the process is what varies from episode to episode. Most take about four or five weeks to go from Rough Cut to Final Delivery; not because it takes five weeks to do the work, but because the editors have other episodes to work on concurrently. Some episodes (the one with Kevin Smith stands out in my memory) have virtually zero VFX and therefore take less time to finish. Others (the Cosmos parody, the Time Travel episode, and so many others) take a bit longer.
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