Whatever Al Likes

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Re: Whatever Al Likes

Post by Yankomaniac »

Wheat & blueberries, breakfast of champions, and Icons! I usually eat blueberries everyday, can't live without them.
What a racket they're makin', Jack, they keep me up at night playin' their electric guitars!!

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Re: Whatever Al Likes

Post by Sailor-Polka-Moon »

yank wrote:And his favorite cereal is wheat & blueberries with vanilla almond milk, his favorite question from a fan is "What is your favorite leg?", his favorite road trip song is a Beatles thing called something like Nobody Is To Be Trusted Except For Me & My Monkey, his favorite movie is Top Secret!, in the 80s during a call to Berm he admitted to watching Lassie on TV (in dog voice: "I can't help you! I'm just a dog!"), in his spare time he receives fan art thru the mail and puts it up on the wall & sometimes plays Doom. Source: interviews. AND: one day he went into a bowling alley and spontaneously jumped onstage and sang duet with Ben Folds in Song For The Dumped. On Youtube if you'd rather.....

WOAH that's quite a run-down. 8D

A really cool one, though!
Vanilla almond miiiilk <3 I LOVE THAT TOO. Hurrah for vegans uniting in their favorite non-dairyness!!!
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