Sad News About Kaztaylor

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Re: Sad News About Kaztaylor

Post by Corey »

:( RIP

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Re: Sad News About Kaztaylor

Post by piranha »

Oh my Gosh, I'm just hearing about this now... RIP Kaz <3
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Re: Sad News About Kaztaylor

Post by childofthespiral »

I didn't know either, until just now. How sad...
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Re: Sad News About Kaztaylor

Post by Alouette »

I've been going through the drool topics lately, and really having a ball just giggling and heavily agreeing with the adorable, sweet, heartfelt posts of Karen.

I am another one who has just found out this news, and I gotta say, it is devastating to me, too... ;.;
She loved Al with an intensity akin to my own love for him, and clearly she loved life despite all the obstacles she had in hers--
She was someone I would've loved to talk to... :(

God bless her gorgeous soul, and I just know that right now, she's hanging around Al and admiring him from not-so-afar... <3

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Re: Sad News About Kaztaylor

Post by Seva »

I didn't know... How sad...

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Re: Sad News About Kaztaylor

Post by Sailor-Polka-Moon »

The ORIGINAL Yankochick, full of passion and love for Al, and from what I see of her lovely posts, was straight-up HONEST about it!

Reading the way she was so open about how much she adored Al and how inspired she was by him was a major encouragement for me to share my Al love with the world, too, starting with WOWAY.

I love you, Karen! ;.; Miss you so much!!
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