Has Al Affected Your Love Life?

He who's tired of Weird Al is tired of life.

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Post by cryofthemoose27 »

:huh: When I talk to a guy, I usually end up quoting a song or two, and I get the strange looks (" :lookround: ") and backing away thing. If I mention Al it's, " That guy with the poofy hair? Isn't he dead yet?" (Yes, somone actually said that to me.) or "The guy with the fro? Didn't he do that, "What if God Smoked Cannabais song? Oh man, that was hillarious!" of course, after that, I'm the one backing away. Maybe I oughtta try NOT mentioning Al at first. But it's hard! On second thought, who needs a boyfrind when you've got Al?

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Post by Ratbert197 »

QUOTE On second thought, who needs a boyfrind when you've got Al?

Thats true i geuss, but ull find sharing ur love with AL is much better than keeping to urself. I maybe even love desiree more than i love Al...maybe...

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Post by stupidsurgeon27 »

QUOTE Great. Though I had some love affairs, I wish they'd never happen. And BTW, I'm 21.  Thanks, CindyBob, you're so honest...  

Aww, no problem. :) I'm quite proud to say I've never had a boyfriend.

QUOTE On second thought, who needs a boyfrind when you've got Al?

Now that's the way to thinkin'! :D I agree with that fully.



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Post by b-whales »

Al hasn't affected my love life, because I have none.


QUOTE On second thought, who needs a boyfrind when you've got Al?

Now that's the way to thinkin'! :D I agree with that fully.

I second that! :D

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Post by Grom »

Nope, can't says he has.

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Re: Has Al Affected Your Love Life?

Post by Jigawatt »

Sure has... met my girlfriend of over six years because of our common Al fanaticism! We were living a few states apart at the time even (me in NJ, her in Michigan) yet we managed to find each other... go figure!

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Post by DrDecay »

Hey Hey Hey Its Dr Decay! :yell:

Al has not hurt or helped my love life in anyway. My boyfriend likes some of the things that he has done, like; his show, music videos ect. Plus so do I, so it all works out. :listen:



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Post by Dr_Dad »

Has Al affected my love life? ...

Well, hmmm, let's see ...

I've been listening to dementia for over 27 years ...

I've been listening to Al for over 23 years ...

Later this year [in 3 months!], my wife and I will celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary ...

Coincidence?? Perhaps. ... But I think not .... ;)

There's hope and happiness for each of you out there, kids ... just keep searching!

Dr. Dad

[And BTW, Jigawatt, I *LOVE* that avatar of yours!! Izzat "Taco Grande" or something??]

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Post by Elvis »

I have nothing to add, except that the giant taco is the best avatar I've seen yet!

That rules! hehe.

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Post by weird_el »

not giant taco, TACO GRANDE but yes it's very clever

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