The Weird Al Tattoo MEGA Thread

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Re: The Weird Al Tattoo MEGA Thread

Post by Elvis »

Another one from Twitter.


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Re: The Weird Al Tattoo MEGA Thread

Post by Yankomaniac »

That is neat. Yours still own the show Dave! Can't beat having the whole original band on your legs. ;)
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Re: The Weird Al Tattoo MEGA Thread

Post by vulgar »

the Weird Al / Space Ghost tattoo means a lot to me. I met Al after his concert June 20th in Atlanta and he took this picture with his own phone, then tweeted it. I felt like the prom queen! ha! Elvis is the first person I knew of to get a weird al tattoo, I remember thinking that's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna get a Weird Al tattoo and its gonna be awesome! I was 13 at the time so it didn't actually happen for another 14 years (yep, got it at age 27 :) ) but it has a story to it all these years later. For Al to be so impressed and 'honored' (his words!) to be tattooed on my arm fills me with Al fan pride :) Fan since July 1996 :)

p.s. the Atlanta show was fantastic! My husband is a new fan and he fanboyed out !

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