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Re: Weird Al Related Dreams

Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2016 12:54 am
by LaikaComeHome
I dreamt that me and my family and friend got to the Weird Al concert late and ended up missing it. Then that same night I dreamt that it was a three day event (the concert) and we had to sleep over and wait for the next show to start.

Last night I dreamt that I was sobbing over not getting to meet Al at the concert I went to. Yeah....not a fun dream.

Re: Weird Al Related Dreams

Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2016 8:56 pm
by crazygurl14
I haven't been on Woway in a bit but the odd Al dream I had the other night told me I needed to come check back in

My dream I had a few nights ago:. I was at a concert but it wasn't a normal venue. He was in a tiny little conference meeting like area. He did the show like he normally would but he suddenly decided to end the concert with the acoustic set. Disappointed it was over I went off somewhere and then someone ran over to me and said I missed the meet and greet and Al was asking for me. I was very sad so I started running to find the bus but I couldn't move(I often have dreams where I run but go nowhere). Suddenly Al saw me and called me over and he gave me a hug and we just started walking down the street with his arm around me.

Then my alarm went off and I was sad that my dream was over. It's not very often I have a dream with Al

Re: Weird Al Related Dreams

Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:59 am
by LaikaComeHome
I dreamt a few nights before my concert that me my friend and parents found Al at a local mall and got a picture with him. <3

Re: Weird Al Related Dreams

Posted: Sat Oct 08, 2016 1:17 am
by LaikaComeHome
Holy crap I dreamt a bunch of dreams where I was floating around to different places with Al....sigh. <3

Re: Weird Al Related Dreams

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:31 am
by LaikaComeHome
I dreamt last night that I was at this thing where me and a bunch of people were making balloon floats of bands/celebrities to pull around for something. There were a few groups:

* Gorillaz
* The Patriots
* Weird Al Yankovic

There was a fourth one, but I forget what it was. Pokemon? IDK. But I was upset that I had to choose between Gorillaz and Weird Al (granted Gorillaz always comes first in my book being there first and my all time fave, but turning down Alfie...). And I was crying happy tears over getting WA memorabilia for Christmas. Then I woke up.

Re: Weird Al Related Dreams

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2017 4:08 pm
by Heds
I had a dream where John Linnell was just Al in disguise, and there was a tunnel in Aosta you had to go through to France that was in a way a water slide. Then you went on this motorway slightly elevated above the ground on a hill in the countryside.

Sounds like a weird drug trip? I could've seriously sworn I was high. Except I did have McDonald's breakfast before it, so... ;)

Re: Weird Al Related Dreams

Posted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:46 am
by KaleyFromSpace
I haven't been on here in ages whoops. I had a dream a couple nights ago that I met Al in a Kohl's store. It was kind of like the Barnes and Noble meet and greet where he was at a table signing books, and I went up to him for a hug and it was so lovely. My dream hugs are always really wonderful and usually one hug constitutes a whole dream - if I'm hugging someone, that is the event of the dream, and nothing else happens. So the dream was just me hugging Al. :)

Re: Weird Al Related Dreams

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:16 am
by Yankopunk
I had another Al dream a little while back. I was attending a Mandatory Tour show, even met some of you there. All went well and good until shortly before showtime. Music was playing in the VIP Lounge and everyone was chilling out and excited for the show. All of a sudden, someone goes up to JW and starts telling him some bad news. I could read this person's and JW's lips and the conversation went something like this:

Crew Member: He can't do it. He has no voice.
JW: What do you mean, he has no voice?
CM: Lost his voice. We need to make an announcement once everyone is getting seated.
JW: What's going to happen? Is he okay?
CM: Oh, yeah. Completely fine. Just no voice. Doesn't want to cancel the show, either.
JW: So... what's going on? Is he going to lip-sync it?
CM: We told him we can do that, but he said... [mimes writing something down] he doesn't want that.
JW: So how is he going to do the show, then?
CM: Well, there's a reason they call him "Weird."

At this point, I just turned to everyone and asked if anyone else caught what I did. We all talked about how he has no voice, but doesn't want to lip-sync or cancel. Long story short, JW makes an announcement and asks "who here knows all the lyrics to the songs on the setlist?" Many hands shot up. "Who wants to sing the concert tonight?" All the hands went down, and someone suggested JW because he was going around singing during the party. He immediately makes a face like "eww" and just shakes his head. Everyone is just wondering what's going to happen, and then for some reason I said, "I'll do it. I don't guarantee it'll be great, but if Al's okay otherwise, he can still play the instruments, move around, and make it fun, right?"

So, I end up wearing a set of small headphones to hear everything, and they give me a wireless microphone to hold. I go to the starting point where Al is stretching and waiting to start the show. He smiles at me, shakes my hand profusely and just has such a look of gratitude on his face. I tell him that I'll stay a good while behind him at all times, on and offstage, so that he's always the main focal point of the show. I then thank him so much and tell him that I'll do everything I can to not let him down. He puts his hand to his chest and then grabs my hands and puts his head down, and then starts swaying our hands together quickly like sports players in a huddle chanting something before a big game. He then lifts his head, grabs my shoulders, and nods to tell me he's ready and it'll all be fine.

I take my spot a good while behind him (but still in view if you chose to focus on the background) and we get our cue and the music kicks in. During "Tacky" and most songs, he went from just gesturing to (funny enough) lip-syncing some parts. A few weird and funny moments from Tacky: the offended cheerleader mimed "WHAT?!" perfectly with the song somehow, and the other cheerleader for some reason was flirty with both Al and then me, even pointing to me and giving me the "call me" motion with her fingers in the shape of a phone. It was a bit weird, but I went with it and gave her a cheesy wink and pointed at her when I walked past. Also, when we walked past JW, Al grabbed him by the arm, and pulled him towards me. I clotheslined JW and he sold it like a champ. Al then stopped briefly and put his hand back for a high five. I slapped his hand and then he continued walking. We made it into the auditorium and people went crazy.

He was giving high fives, interacting with fans, and having a blast as he made his way to the stage. People even wanted high fives and quick selfies with me, and I obliged, as I kept singing. Al went up on the stage, and I kept giving high fives to the VIPs in the front row (many of you) as the song was soon to finish. When Al did his pose at the end of the song, I dipped forward a bit and extended my arm towards him like I was saluting royalty. As he stood up straight again and Lame Claim to Fame started, I quickly made my way up the steps to the stage. I was wearing a costume (not actually Al-related, but just a... well, weird... costume) and I just had a huge smile on my face as everyone cheered. Part of the costume was a hat, and I just took it off and threw it into the crowd, which made them cheer even more and louder. Al gave me a high five and I took my place near the back of the stage and sang.

During Yoda, I couldn't pick just one person, so I said, "Okay, just the VIPs!" After you all sang the lines, I then joked, "You all wanted to sing, too, you should've bought a VIP package!" As the chant was preparing to start, I then pretended like I wasn't feeling well, and went down the steps into the front row. "I can't do this... I... you all need to do it," and then I slumped forward holding out the microphone. And then I stayed that way until the crowd and the other guys in the band did the chant perfectly. Without lifting my head, I still did all the gestures and the moves, just like a zombie. When the last few words sounded, my head snapped up with a crazy look in my eyes... freezing like that as everyone cheered and then the song started again. I ran back up onto the stage and we finished the song.

"Thank you, (name of city)! I hope you still had a great time tonight! I did my best, and we love you all!" The song ended, and as Al blew kisses to the crowd and bowed, he then came over to me and hugged me tightly. And then he wrapped a leg around me, and then the other, like when he hugged Conan. So I'm there holding him up, hugging him, and just crying tears of joy and laughing and everyone is going crazy. Al and the band head backstage and I'm just thinking, "Where am I supposed to go?" I shrug and just head down the steps into where my seat was supposed to be and just hung out with everyone and waited for the meet and greet.

This is really weird, I know, and going on too long (big surprise, huh?) so I'll just end it here. Al did speak again that night, very softly, when I met him at the meet and greet.

Re: Weird Al Related Dreams

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:25 am
by poorboy
When your head snapped up "with a crazy look in your eyes" how did you know this if this was you in your dream and not just you writing a fan fiction?

Re: Weird Al Related Dreams

Posted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:50 am
by Yankopunk
poorboy wrote:When your head snapped up "with a crazy look in your eyes" how did you know this if this was you in your dream and not just you writing a fan fiction?

I've acted before. I've also viewed myself on video before, and know what I look like and how it feels performing various expressions or mannerisms. I was performing a concert in my dream and made that part of my performance, like how Al does the same when he does the song.

When the director tells Tom Hanks "look like you're utterly destroyed and heartbroken because the camera is going to zoom in on you and you're about to realize that (other actor) is going to tell you that your wife didn't survive the operation," Tom knows he is giving that look because he's an actor, studied himself on film and tape, and knows how his body language is to convey various emotions and mannerisms.

See what I mean?

As for your latter question, dreams are fiction. We are fans. Thus, this is all fan fiction, anyway.