Al's Girlfriends

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Stephanie was at that time (1999) a display designer at Tower Records L.A.

Her name is included in the thank yous in the RWS liner notes.
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Re: Al's Girlfriends

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I dont know a lot about this story, so i dont have all the details, but back in the day, my dad was a radio dj, and Al came onto my fathers radio for like a quick interview or something idk. I should mention im pretty sure this is on Al's birthday that year. But my aunt was an exotic dancer and also a fan, so my dad said she could come on after the interview and dance for Al. Long story short, my aunt and Al ended up talking and after a while, they dated for a while. I dont know if it was months or years, but i do know they still are in contact, even tho my aunt is married and Al is now married 2. Thats about all I know about the story but yeah, thats a true story.

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