Stuff in common with Al

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Stuff in common with Al

Post by weird_el »

I was thinking today about the things I have in common with Al, and I thought it would make a good topic here. We could learn stuff about each other and also about Al (if we didn't know it already).

What things do you have in common with Al?

Here are mine:

I've heard Al mention in an interview that the very first album he ever bought was Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John and that the first concert he ever went to was to see Elton. This is true for me too.

Probably the most significant thing we have in common was being woefully underemployed after college. In Al's case it was the mailroom at Westwood One, in mine after getting a Master's Degree in art, the best I could find was clerical work for temp agencies ACK! Thankfully we both found better and more enjoyable work.

We both really like Jeopardy. Al got to play Rock and Roll Jeopardy on VH1 and I've passed the test for the syndicated show twice, but they didn't call :P

Ben Folds is also one my favorite recording/live acts. I was thrilled and delighted to see he'll be playing on at least one of the tracks on Al's next CD.

We also really like Indian food.


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Post by Orthography Enthusiast »

Things in common with Al? Lessee...

1. We were born in the same county (20 miles and two years apart).

2. Early, life-changing exposure to MAD magazine (I still know the words to two of their food parodies learned in junior high school).

3. In 8th grade I actually performed a parody I'd written ("The Sound of Violence" -- a pseudo-Simon-and-Garfunkel number about what happens to substitute teachers) at a school talent assembly. Thank goodness I quit when I was ahead. :P

4. Horrible dead-end jobs right out of college (like the time the temp agency sent me and my brand-new degree to peel price tags off bottles of sun tan lotion).

5. Myopia. My left eye is 20/400. I'm more of a chicken than Al about things being done to my eyes, though. I'm still wearing wire-rimmed glasses.

6. Similar hair color. Mine's straight, but I had a dreadfully frizzy series of perms all through the 80's.

7. Al used to drive a beat-up white Toyota Corolla. I drive a beat-up white Toyota Corolla.

8. We both participated in speech tournaments in high school.

9. I can order a meal in a Mexican restaurant every bit as expertly as he can. (taco.... grande!)

10.We still live in the same county.

That's all I can think of for now.

Oh yes... Al has said he's not a dancer. I'm REALLY not a dancer. And we both have IQs that are up into THREE DIGITS!

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Post by WHiZZi »

I'm Weird... :P

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Stuff in common with Al

Post by scotman »

Hmmmm. Off the top of my head I'm thinking things like we both really liked Dr. Demento when we were young & he liked him before he was famous & I liked him before Al was ever on his show. We both drove junkie mid 70's Toyota Corrolla's at the same time. He lives in California & wears Hawaiin shirts & I once flew over California on my way to Hawaii.

I would imagine we both have all of his records. We were both at Alcon 3 & we are both married to beautiful women. There's probably more but it's hard to come any closer than that California/Hawaii thing :)

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Post by stupidsurgeon27 »

Actual common common? Uh...

We both have reddish brown curly hair.

Both have the same size feet...Kinda. Ignoring the fact that women's shoes are smaller anyway. But it's the same number!

The ability to put my foot behind my head. I'm working on the jumping around on one foot part with it.

I can't think of much. But if it includes stuff inspired by Al...hey, I have a lot more to list. :)

~sighs at scholarship application~



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Post by CatraDhtem »

Let's see.....Al and I are both at least 6' hair also naturally curls (although not to the same extent as Al's) both have fluctuating facial hair.....

Anyway, I've found that I've been a big fan of things, and then I would learn that Al also likes them as it MST3K, or the Zucker movies, or Ren and Stimpy, or Emo Philips, or whatever.

So, I don't know what one would call that. We share an appreciation for uniquely bizarre humor?

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Post by scottidog »

Other than the fact we both live in the same time zone, I don't think I have anything in common with him.

Except, like CatraDhtem said, I find that he likes stuff I like too. Top Secret is one of my favorite movies. I love MST3K. I like Space Ghost. Um. So I guess I have that same WEIRD sense of humor.

I like to sing. Not that I could make a living at it, but I have sung solos in public and have been told that I am good :blush:

I have long, curly hair. Not as curly as his, but still naturally curly.

What I don't have in common with him that I wish I did:

I wish I could play a musical instrument. I have "played" guitar, but I'm not really good at it.

I wish I had more knowledge of music in general. I would guess that Al has a pretty amazing music collection. There is so much popular music that I just don't have a clue about. Tho' if you want to talk about Bing Crosby, then I'm your girl!

I wish I was thin like him. Ok, maybe not that thin. Let's face it, our boy is a toothpick. But on him it looks good.

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Post by Squiddum »

But on him it looks good.
Oh yeah! :D

We both skipped Grade 2, and we both finished high school at the age of 16. (But I wasn't a straight-A student! I'm a highly non-motivated person! I hate speeches too!)

Um, we both try to be funny.

We both make up alternative lyrics to popular songs. And no, I don't do it 'cos I'm an Al-wannabe. (I'm only really starting to get into his work now.) It's just something I do. But unlike him, I have no desire to perform!

Oh, and neither of us can play guitar.

Oh, and we're both vegetarian and try to be vegan.

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Post by Teh Dingo »

I still curse myself every day that it took me so long to realize Everything You Know is Wrong was a They Might Be Giants (One of mine and Al's favorite bands) style parody/tribute. Let's see, between the time BHD came out and the time I first hooked up to the internet and saw Al's site in March 2001. Ouch
You have quickly thought up such matchless phrase?

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Post by weirdojace »

Uh...I write silly songs, (originals and parodies), and we both have "weird" in our nicknames.
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