Original Artists' Response

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Re: Original Artists' Response

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anthontherun wrote:Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum:
Songfacts: The song "Misery" was one that Weird Al had parodied. And I'm assuming that you have a good sense of humor and you probably thought it was a bit of an honor to be parodied by Weird Al.

Dave: Yeah. I heard Coolio got pissed off. But I also heard that you had to give Al permission. I don't know why I'm not calling him Weird Al. Now I'm just calling him Al. But I don't ever remember being asked.

When we got signed to Twin Tone Records, the local label in Minneapolis, I was like, "This is it, I've made it. It's the big time, baby. You've done it." And I never had that feeling again until Weird Al covered my song. It felt like, Wow, I have arrived. It's the perfect way of describing my sense of humor. Yes, I was very honored.
Pirner is the only writer credited, so I wonder who Al contacted about permission if it wasn't him.
Most likely the music publishing company that own the publishing rights to the song. For example, although Alan Merrill wrote "I Love Rock n Roll" the song is actually owned by RAK Music Publishing in London (RAK Records was Arrows record label) Alan wasn't asked either, the man who had a nominal co-writer credit, Jake Hooker, gave the green light anyway and introduced Al to Rick Derringer
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Re: Original Artists' Response

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I Lost On Jeopardy
Greg Kihn posted a full account of his experience being parodied by Al on his MySpace blog.
Is myspace even accessible anymore? Is there an archive link for this that we can read?

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Re: Original Artists' Response

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Billy Ray Cyrus was not a fan of "Achy Breaky Song."

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Re: Original Artists' Response

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I can't say I'm not surprised.
And Peggy

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