The Big Al Easter Egg Post!

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Post by CatraDhtem »

Hmm, well I guess that explains how Al would have known about David's music.

I kinda wonder though what the process was for collecting clips and noises. Did Al ask around for things to submit and that got handed to him by someone at the label, or did he hear that before and just kept it in the back of his mind until he was putting "Bite Me" together?

Or, as Jace just suggested, could that merely have been something Tony stumbled upon? I don't know what the mixing set-up was usually like then, but it probably wouldn't have been impossible for him to have access to other Scotti Bros. studio tapes.
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Post by NovaGreensocks »

Ah, okiedokie. It just seemed so distorted... But, anyway!
Perhaps... well, the sound is all fast, and backwards. Is it a tape being rewound? Eh, anyway!
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Post by cody »

ha. I can't believe you guys figured that out. I thought it would remain a mystery forever!
and to think, it only took 14 years :P

if anyone is still interested. I tried my best to get the easter egg similar to the actual song. the speed change really is hard to fix because it's not a gradual change. it's as if someone was manually slowing down a turntable or something. this was the best i could get it:

the original:

the hidden easter egg (speed kind of corrected):

mixed; original in right channel, easter egg in left. you must have a stereo setup for this to work:

I'm guessing David Hallyday himself didn't even know about this. Now he can say that Weird Al sampled one of his songs :P

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Post by Al's #27 fan »

Now whenever I listen to it (Bite Me backwards), I can really hear "Tears of the Earth"... Thanks for posting that!!! :whoot:
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Post by twinkieweinersandwiches24_7 »

That is SO creepy. I would have never guessed it was a real song when talk first started up about this. Do you really think Al had no knowledge of having "Tears of the Earth" in BM? I guess it's not impossible that he didn't, but wouldn't he have been present for the mixing of all OTDE tracks, including Bite Me? Unless he's taken more control over it over the years. But when both tracks are played at the same time, it'! Scary. :blink: But that's still really cool. After 14 years (and over a year of investigating) the mystery is finally solved. :D
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Post by Mystik Tomato » what?

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Post by cody »

Mystik Tomato @ Jul 7 2006, 08:53 PM wrote: what?


now we queue up "We Are The Champions" and run around pumping our fists in the air, what else?

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Post by weirdojace »

We should play Albuquerque backwards and see if there's anything hidden in there." onclick=";return false;

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Post by Themagic#27 »

Hmmmm... *opens Audacity*

Ya'll mind if I help out? =)
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Post by The Doctor »

Sorry to bump an old topic, but I wanted to thank everyone for finding this. I discovered not too long ago that Bite Me was weird when slowed down... But looks like you found out the hidden song in there already.

Way to go. :yay:

Now I can sleep without worrying about what it is. :Y
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