A Moment of Silence for the terrorist victims

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A Moment of Silence for the Victims of 9/11

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I thought I would make a thread for a "post of silence" to remember those who died in NY, Washington, Pennsylvania, and abroad and all victims of terrorist acts. Please take a moment to post your thoughts or simply an empty message as a symbol of respect for the victims of September 11, 2001.

Mods, this is not at all Al related, but I think it's important for communities, even small little WOWAY communities to come together to remember the events of 9/11. Please keep it unlocked at least for 24 hours. Thank you.

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Last year I dwelled on the grief and I suffered through 12 hours of crying seizures. This year I've been listening to Al music all day and it seems to be repelling the sadness. Everyone deals with this situation differently.

Life goes on.

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Never forget

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We will never forget...

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