Weird Al Red Boxers. How Much?

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Post by Alapeleke »

you're male right? because no female would EVER put a price on the boxers. to most people they would be 15.99 at target. To others. Priceless.

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Post by weird_el »

I got a scarf from Al during One More Minute. If anyone wants it, they'll have to pry it out of my cold, dead hand.

That memory is priceless. That along with the rest of a truly fabulous concert is why I'm an Al fan now.


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Post by Justmac »

Hey Benny --

I would LOVE to have a pair of Al's boxers. BUT, I only want them if they come from Al's *ahem* crotch (as you say). No middleman, sorry Ben. It's just not the same. Once I get a pair (directly from AL), THEN I can die happy. lol

I can only speak for myself, but I think most gals may feel the same.


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Post by whatmepolka »

What show were they from? Date, venue....? Hmn.............I suppose they are worth quite a bit to the right person. Me? Sure......why not. Just show me the certificate of authenticity signed by Al and I'll send that quote right over.

Sorry, that sounds cold....what can I say, I guess I'm not very trusting. Don't take it personally. I'm sure you're a very nice person....


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Re: Weird Al Red Boxers. How Much?

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Re: Weird Al Red Boxers. How Much?

Post by minnick27 »

A 13 year old topic?

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Re: Weird Al Red Boxers. How Much?

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Weird topic to bump there's not even a first post for some reason???
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