Weirdzer - "Africa"

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Re: Weirdzer - "Africa"

Post by SophieT »

spmahn wrote:It’s kind of funny I guess? I guess I don’t really see the point, it’s just Al lip syncing to Weezer’s cover of Africa which as far as cover songs go is not very good.
You don't see the point? It's only Al lip syncing?
My god, man don't you have eyes?
I can't stop watching Al move. It's wonderful, funny and a true testament to Al's physical comedy, which is so overlooked!!
What's the point of making any artistic en devour that makes us laugh and forget about our troubles,if even for a moment?
Rock on Al and never stop dancing, we need you!!! :tacky:

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Re: Weirdzer - "Africa"

Post by Phillipemoz »

I just saw the video on youtube and kept waiting for weird al to appear and then I realized he was the lead singer

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Re: Weirdzer - "Africa"

Post by Insley »

Oh that's funny! How did you not recognize him? haha

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Re: Weirdzer - "Africa"

Post by thexoblivion »

I recognized him almost instantly.
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Re: Weirdzer - "Africa"

Post by Driew_La_27 »

Don't know if this was posted when it happened but Al also had a performance with Portugal. The Man back in 2013 at Bonnaroo for the song So American.
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