"Let Me Be Your Hog": Translations

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Re: "Let Me Be Your Hog": Translations

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A friend of mine who is a much better Latinist than I am (he edits Wikipedia - in Latin) tossed off this translation when we were chatting about Al on Facebook:

Maialis tibi sim! Maialis tibi fiam! Inquam cara, cara, cara, cara! Cara!! Cara!! Cara!! Cara!! CARA!!! CARA!!! CARA!!! CARA!!! >scalpatus<

(scalpatus = scratch)
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Re: "Let Me Be Your Hog": Translations

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schultkl wrote:Google translates "Let Me Be Your Hog" from English to Spanish as, "déjame ser tu cerdo".

Is that right (?) Can a native Spanish speaker translate.

Any other translations?

Thank you
Translation is accurate.
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