I need your help!

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I need your help!

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On May 20th my daughter was to walk for her high school graduation. Unfortunately, she was involved in an auto accident earlier in the day and has been in a coma ever since. She is 18 years old and has been going to Al's shows with me since her kindergarten year. We had purchased Czar VIP tickets for the June 19th Atlanta show since she would be going off to college in the fall but she will be unable to attend and have quality meet and greet time with Al. I have tried contacting through facebook and twitter. I called the contact number on his official website page but that was a dead end only suggesting I send a fan letter. Of course it would be a fantasy for Al to see her at the rehab facility that is ony 3 miles from the concert venue but I realize how unrealistic a wish that is. I am hoping to get a personalized message or memorabilia beyond the normal meet and greet for my daughter. I need your help in finding a contact number for a publicist or another way to get this message to Al himself. I know how one can be skeptical at such a request butthis is very much real. https://www.facebook.com/jordynengelber ... page_panel" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Thank you all for taking a moment to look over my message.

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Re: I need your help!

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If she comes out of comma until then, maybe you could make a video call to her during your meet and greet and get Al to chat with her for a moment? That seems a reasonable compromise to me.

I wish your daughter gets well soon, stay strong :hug:

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Re: I need your help!

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Thoughts and prayers

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