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Re: #WeirdAlWednesday

Post by WeirdDana27 »

This is the first I've heard of it, but good to know! :) New tweet idea!

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Re: #WeirdAlWednesday

Post by mellow weasel »

How is it that this is a thing and I've never heard of it??? :oo

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Re: #WeirdAlWednesday

Post by Kevbo1987 »

I had no idea that this existed, but I love it.

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Re: #WeirdAlWednesday

Post by Annie27 »

I never knew that existed! That's awesome!!!
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Re: #WeirdAlWednesday

Post by Jigawatt »

But every day is #WeirdAlWednesday around here... :accordion:
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Re: #WeirdAlWednesday

Post by Yankomaniac »

Exactly, it is a year round celebration for us.
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Re: #WeirdAlWednesday

Post by rockabillynurse »

Yankomaniac wrote:Exactly, it is a year round celebration for us.
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Re: #WeirdAlWednesday

Post by Abbeybunny »

Never heard of this hashtag before
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