Marionettes in Halifax, 2015!

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Marionettes in Halifax, 2015!

Post by bermuda »

The Argyle Fine Art Gallery in Halifax hosted an exhibit by Darren Moreash, featuring his marionettes of Al from several videos, and a Mandatory Fun work as well! See article at ... l-day.html" onclick=";return false;

The Eat It marionette is up for auction!" onclick=";return false;

Here are pics of the various marionettes, the Fat one is smaller than the others, which are roughly 16" tall.
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Re: Marionettes in Halifax, 2015!

Post by TinCopperBat »

Way cool! That Mandatory Fun one might be my favourite. They're all so detailed!
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Re: Marionettes in Halifax, 2015!

Post by Big Spoon »

Little creepy...

But still very cool!
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Re: Marionettes in Halifax, 2015!

Post by yankochick38 »

Creepy! :bigups:
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Re: Marionettes in Halifax, 2015!

Post by Teh Dingo »

This calls for the Halifax Dance! :whoot:
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Re: Marionettes in Halifax, 2015!

Post by Yankomaniac »

IDK why Halifaxkat (woman who actually did the dance with Al) doesn't post on here more, she more or less keeps it to FB. She posted her photos with Al from the Halifax shows and also a picture of Al with BUBBLES!! I was so happy to see that picture as I was wondering if Al and the guys knew who they were or had even ever seen Trailer Park Boys before. The picture is so awesome and Bubbles looks so happy. If you have never seen Trailer Park Boys it is the most hilarious show ever made in Canada, but there is a ton of swearing, drinking, greasy non-sense, which is why we'll never see Al on the show but this was still the next best thing. Alex Lifeson has been in a few episodes as has the rest of Rush, they love those guys! I want to make the picture of Al and Bubbles my avatar actually but I don't want to get rid of the classic WAY album cover. Still don't know if Kat took the picture or just found it but I assume she just found it somewhere.
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Re: Marionettes in Halifax, 2015!

Post by Kevbo1987 »

Those are very cool! It looks like a ton of work went into those.

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Re: Marionettes in Halifax, 2015!

Post by Annie27 »

They are really cool! I read that Al brought home the Amish Paradise one in exchange for free tickets to Friday's show.
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Re: Marionettes in Halifax, 2015!

Post by Abbeybunny »

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Re: Marionettes in Halifax, 2015!

Post by mellow weasel »

They're creepy as a nightmare :blink:, but one cannot deny the skill, detail and effort put into these things :good: .

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