What is your lame claim to fame?

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Re: What is your lame claim to fame?

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I've shared this story nefore, but in honor of his passing last night, I'll bring it up again. I randomly met Ric Ocasek when I was 7.

My family was vacationing in LA, and we got lost. The bus stop we were at was outside a record store he was doing a signing or something at, and it was done and he came out. He heard us and came up and asked about our accents because he recognized them. We were from Fitchburg, Mass and the Cars played a lot in that area when they were getting started and just getting big (The video for Touch and Go was even shot at Whalom Park which was just outside of Fitchburg in Lunenburg).

We talk for a bit, and then Ric, in full 80s rock star get up mind you (The shades, the jacket, and all) gets on the bus with us and starts pointing things out.

I'm reading a lot of stuff today that he was such a nice guy, and yeah, pretty cool 7 year old me got to experience that. :)
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