7/28/16 - Edgefield - Troutdale, OR

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7/28/16 - Edgefield - Troutdale, OR

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Didn't see a thread for this show, but I've got enough posts to make it! I know there's another show tomorrow in Eugene; wonder if anyone from here is going to that (or went to this one!).

Anyway, this was my first Weird Al concert since the Bad Hair Tour (8/7/97), so I was long overdue to see him again. Got a few somewhat-last minute tickets with a few friends for the lawn, and I was able to get up to the barricade on the left side of the stage, probably level with the fifth row of the reserved seats. I was pleasantly surprised no one wanted to sit in the sun for two hours before the show started so they could be closer.

The show was supposed to start at 6:30, but they came on around 7. Not sure if that's been an occurrence lately or not, but I didn't mind. Setlist as follows:

Lame Claim To Fame
Now That's What I Call Polka!
Perform This Way
Dare To Be Stupid
First World Problems
Smells Like Nirvana
Party in the CIA/It's All About the Pentiums/Handy/Bedrock Anthem/Another One Rides the Bus/Ode To A Superhero/Gump/Inactive/eBay/Canadian Idiot
Eat It/I Lost On Jeopardy/I Love Rocky Road/Like A Surgeon
White And Nerdy
Word Crimes
Amish Paradise
We All Have Cell Phones
The Saga Begins

Looks like the standard setlist for the tour, but it's definitely fresh for me since I haven't gone to a show this century yet! Only four full songs remained from the '97 show, and a few others were in the medley. I've seen YouTube clips and the pro-shot concerts for the modern tours, but it was a great mix of songs. The newest edition of the Yoda chant was fantastic. Loved the unplugged segment, and Al sounded great throughout the whole show. I do notice that when he hits some higher notes, there's more gruff in his voice; it's not clean like before. But, for a guy doing all these shows in a row, just phenomenal. I don't know how he does it. To Al and the band, I say thank you. I will try to attend every future tour through the Portland area. 19 years was too long of a wait.

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Re: 7/28/16 - Edgefield - Troutdale, OR

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No Lovr
What a racket they're makin', Jack, they keep me up at night playin' their electric guitars!!

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