7/30/15 Port Chester, NY Capitol Theatre

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Re: 7/30/15 Port Chester, NY Capitol Theatre

Post by Elvis »

Fun show last night. Very energetic crowd, because it's always livelier the closer you get to NYC. We had good representation on from the forum at this show. I picked up Jackie at work, and met up with Adrian, Anne, Alicia in conveniently placed mall parking lot. Adrian and I were wearing our blue Mandatory World Tour t-shirts and Anne, Alicia, and Jackie were all wearing green shirts, which was totally planned for like months in advance. We walked over to have dinner at the only establishment that I've ever eaten at the was Billy Dee Williams approved. We sat at the bar and had a fun server who was also a Weird Al fan.

We then walked over and hung out in the room where the VIP stuff was held, said a quick hello with Mia, then sat down. Our seats were really good, sixth row off on Steve's side. Inside, the theater was pretty cool. It was clearly an older theater because it looked old and felt old, but it was also very modern. There were lights and video projectors in the dome on the ceiling and lights in the wells over the stairs and projectors that projected onto the side walls. It really gave the show a whole new look and feel. And as such, I got to see some stuff I had never seen before. Jay Levey, Suzanne, and Nina were all in the audience. Before the show, Nina was brought backstage for a few minutes, then returned to her seat.

Overall one of the better shows I've seen this tour. For "Tacky" he started outside, walked up to a car on the street, and then came inside, taunted a few security guards, then into the theater through appropriately enough "Exit 27". The tool belt was back for "Handy". During WBUL, Al licked Suzanne. The stormtroopers were extremely hilarious during TSB.

We took pictures by the "Exit 27" sign, then hung out by the buses with remmy and her mom and came up with more totally awesome ideas for future shows, the only one which I can remember at the moment involves Abraham Lincoln. Jim walked by shortly after carrying his guitar and said hello to me then got on the bus. Bermuda was with him and stopped to chat for a while. He teased us some more about the upcoming big huge awesome release coming this Christmas :santa:. Sounds like they are in the picture gathering phase of the project. He then gave us a spoiler that Friday's show will be slightly different from all the others.
At the beginning of the show, Al will say "Hello Philadelphia" and at the end of the show, he will say "Thank you Philadelphia, I love you all, goodnight!"
He then tried to put his soda can on Jay Levey's car while he signed an autograph for a fan.

Al came out with Suzanne and Nina at his side, waved to all the fans that were still waiting, and then got on the bus, which left immediately. JW apologized to all the fans waiting and said no autographs today as Al had family in town.

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Re: 7/30/15 Port Chester, NY Capitol Theatre

Post by minnick27 »

I know it said spoilers, but I had to look. Tonight is gonna be awesome!!

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Re: 7/30/15 Port Chester, NY Capitol Theatre

Post by Jigawatt »

Still catching up on pix... here's my set from Port Chester!


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Re: 7/30/15 Port Chester, NY Capitol Theatre

Post by DrSteggy »

Last post! Photos:

http://s17.photobucket.com/user/drstegg ... 0NY%207-30" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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