7/28/15 Red Bank, NJ Count Basie Theatre

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Re: 7/28/15 Red Bank, NJ Count Basie Theatre

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Yankopunk wrote:That must've been quite the sight! :)

As for what happened that I saw, I know it might seem stupid or paranoid, and I'm pretty sure nobody here attended the same show (I don't remember seeing any of you there and I haven't seen the incident mentioned on here), but I know I'm here among the greatest and most knowledgeable Al fans on the planet, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone guessed the show correctly if I said what happened.

It may not make sense, especially given what I've shared about myself and all I've been through, but I still feel secretive right now. I mean, it's intimidating being among so many good-looking, utterly amazing people here (I am not being sarcastic in the slightest)! You guys and girls are awesome! Hopefully, if I'm still around come the next tour (or if there's another big fan convention or meet up, or Al makes an appearance near me), I'll be more confident and be able to meet some of you and thank you for being so awesome and kind to me. We shall see. :)

Again, sorry for being so strange.
It's ok. It's totally understandable why you wouldn't want to let on such information. Hell, even people who haven't suffered betrayals can be hesitant to share details of their location online. It's really not that strange.

Doesn't stop me being curious about the story though. :P
Love and peace.

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