7/23/15, Casino Nova Scotia, Halifax NS

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7/23/15, Casino Nova Scotia, Halifax NS

by HalifaxKat » Sat Mar 14, 2015 10:43 pm

Hi, everyone! Starting a new topic/post for the recently added second show in Halifax, Nova Scotia!!! Well, it's technically the "first" show now (it falls on the day before the original show that sold out).

This venue is small and the first show sold out VERY quickly (within minutes, I was told), so a second show was added. Being the huge Al fan that I am, I wasn't taking any chances, so with my eye on the clock, my heart racing, and white knuckles poised over my mouse, I grabbed a presale Czar ticket... wooooo!!!!! After that, I started to breathe again. :D

Once again, on the general sale day, the remainder of the regular priced tickets sold out within minutes online (I couldn't help but take a peek out of curiosity, and this was also verified by someone else I know of who tried to get tickets this way). However, the good news is that as of today (Saturday), there are still several VIP and Czar tickets left, so for anyone who sees this post who didn't know about the second show, you will most likely still be able to get VIP or Czar.

I wouldn't wait too long, though.

I am so freaking excited. :tacky:

Anyone else out there going to this show?
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Re: 7/23/15, Casino Nova Scotia, Halifax NS

by Devo » Wed Jul 22, 2015 5:09 am

I AM! :D
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