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Re: WOWAY Awards - The Show!

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:33 am
by Wizzerkat
(Personal note-I am no Neil Patrick Harris, so dial down those expectations)

Hello everyone. I am here with Harvey the Wonder Hamster to explain the rules and procedures for the WOWAY Awards.

Ok, everyone! Are you ready to sing the Harvey the Wonder Hamster theme song? Of course you are! [crickets] Uh, folks, it's in his contract, so we gotta, ok? Here we go!

(Sorry, can’t embed anything)

Thanks, folks! We at Ernst and Finklestein would like to thank the WOWAY administration for their continued faith in us. We understand there was some concern in the past about award procedures. However, we assure you that the smiling blue-eyed pile of clothing involved in the unfortunate incident is no longer with us. More importantly, no results were ever compromised as a result of our ex-employee’s lack of knowledge.


With that, let’s continue with the explanation of the rules.

The WOWAY Awards are given to members of the World of Weird Al Yankovic Forum on a yearly or, whenever is convenient basis. Awards are given to members in 27 categories during the period of eligibility which for these awards was August 27, 2008 until November 15, 2009 except for the Post of the Year category whose period ended December 4, 2009.


No, Harvey, it wasn’t extended because of Fred. A couple of his posts simply became eligible. The extension was due to the forum upgrade and the search engine that was temporarily FUBAR.

Nominations worked in the following manner:

One or more categories were put up for nomination each day. Forum members could nominate someone other than themselves for each category. When another member seconded a nomination it was set in stone as an official nomination for the category.

For example, Best Avatar was one category. Say The Dingo nominates AAA_Amerah’s Spaghetti Cat. Then someone had to second the nomination (in this case let’s say MissyMoo38 does so). Now officially, the Spaghetti Cat avatar is a nominee.


I’m glad you liked the taco avatar, Harvey, but all the nominees in this category were great.

Nominations took place until December 11, 2009 and then there was a final call for nominees. TMBJon, as administrator of the awards, reserved the right to add up to one additional nominee per category without further feedback. This was done in order to balance out categories that seemed too heavily favored in one direction.


Yes, Harvey, TMBJon is a valued member of the forum and the esteemed administrator of these awards. It is not surprising he received several nominations.


After nominations were finalized, a final ballot was given to forum members to submit. Voting commenced until December 24, 2009 at 11:59PM EST. The ballots were tallied via online poll software and the results revealed during the WOWAY Award ceremony. Until this ceremony, the winners were not known to anyone except TMBJon, myself, one other select representative at Ernst and Finklestein, and to Harvey, of course. This online vote collecting procedure guaranteed no mayhem, foolishness, or hanging chads.

The ceremony takes place here on the World of Weird Al Yankovic forum as opposed to a physical place. Having the ceremony at a physical place would be illogical. You think this outfit could have afforded to rent the Kodak Theatre? Whose bank account do you think they have? Al’s? You all know TMBJon and Bruce the Duck would fight the whole time, The Dingo would show up with no pants…well, you can see what potential disasters could ensue.

Thanks to WHiZZi and the whole WOWAY crew for allowing us to interrupt this prestigious award show. May the forum craziness and Al worship continue. Say goodbye, Harvey.


Re: WOWAY Awards - The Show!

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:36 am
by TMBJon

MOD EDIT:Warning: Swearing in this video if you have sensitive ears.


Re: WOWAY Awards - The Show!

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:38 am
by TMBJon


Re: WOWAY Awards - The Show!

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:40 am
by FredHuggins
WOW! Thank you all, so very very much. I can't believe that post beat out FOUR FredHuggins posts! YOU HEAR ME WORLD?! I BEAT FREDHUGGINS FOUR TIMES!!!

First of all, I'm sorry we took up so much space earlier. You know that Tony, yap yap yap, can't shut him up. Everything that screwed up was his fault. All his.

Now, it might LOOK LIKE it was the fault of uwvark, caseyk27 and Big Spoon for interrupting our bit, thus throwing off the timing and causing us to bring Jon Cryer in too early, even though we have a CHIT-CHAT thread for chit-chat, and there's a fine line between parodying Kanye West and BEING Kanye West and nobody wants the latter......but NOPE! It was all Tony! I mean, what's HE gonna say? He's not nominated for CRAP!

And WHILE I'M ON THE SUBJECT OF THINGS I THINK ABOUT THINGS, I just want to say something about global warming. And the Haiti earthquake. And the war in Afghanistan. And animal rights. And gay rights. And gay animal rights. And the poor little children. And the...

Re: WOWAY Awards - The Show!

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:40 am
by Tony Goldmark
(Tony sneaks up from behind Fred and CLONKS him on the head with Fred's Funniest Member award)

Aw, crap. It IS chocolate!

Re: WOWAY Awards - The Show!

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:40 am
by FredHuggins

Everyone else, thank you so much for your votes, and we'll see you in '94!

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Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:41 am
by TMBJon
Ladies and Gentlemen, it has all come down to this, the biggest award of the entire show.

Member of the Year

In the tradition of many other award shows which bring out their biggest stars to present their biggest award, such as Jack Nicholson at the Oscars and Paul McCartney at the Grammys, I present to you this special appearance from an old friend...



Re: WOWAY Awards - The Show!

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:46 am
by TMBJon


Thank you all so very much for your excellent presentations. This has been a blast to put together, but it would have been nothing without all of your effort!

Your Host, and now Member of the Year,

Re: WOWAY Awards - The Show!

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:58 am
by uwvark
Yay! Well done tmbjon. Congrats everyone!


Re: WOWAY Awards - The Show!

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:13 am
by Mystik Tomato
And, as another WoWAY Awards come to a close, the Tomato Awards come to the forefront, like a camel on ecstasy, or a cameo by Christopher Walken.

~ The Tomato Awards ~

Yes, it's that time again, where I, Mystik Tomato present the Official Tomato Awards, which commemorate everyone else on this forum who got nothing for it.

These were decided by the committee of the Tomato Awards (Me) and all results are final, unless I decide to change them for some reason or another.

Here they are, the 09/10 Tomato Awards!

Australian of the Year That's Much Better Than Grom: Mystik Tomato!

Award Whores of the Year: TMBJon and AAAmerah!

Most Violent Reaction to Someone Losing the Al-Man of the Year Award: AlejandraDD!

Most Absurdly Long Intro to an Award (In which Two People Talked Back and Forth Over and Over and Over Again): Tony Goldmark @ FredHuggins!

Most Inanimate: Mystik Tomato!

Best Member Ever, Bar None: Mystik Tomato!

Best Interruption Involving Indian Thriller: Mystik Tomato!

Best Looking Al-Gal: [s]Mystik Tomato[/s]

Best Dingo: [s]Space[/s] The Dingo!

Mod The Gets Robbed Every Year, Despite Frequent Voting for Him (Must Be Some Conspiracy Thing): AnthOnTheRun!

Well, that's it for the Tomato Awards... so far. Yes, as always, I'm giving you, the viewer, the chance to add whatever category to the Tomato Awards you want. Just send me a PM with the category and the winner, and they've won! That's it! No boring nominating or voting or anything stupid like those other awards. Pshh.