Rank the songs on Mandatory Fun

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Re: Rank the songs on Mandatory Fun

Post by Big Spoon »

Weird, my top two are your bottom two.
And Peggy

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Re: Rank the songs on Mandatory Fun

Post by avesjohn »

I never posted my rankings after my initial listens, figuring I'd need to think about it before deciding any sort of order. Sure enough, the MF Survivor polls gave me an idea (roughly) of where each song on the album stood for me. And here we are...

1. Word Crimes
2. Jackson Park Express
3. Foil
4. NOW That's What I Call Polka!
5. Mission Statement
6. Tacky
7. Handy
8. First World Problems
9. Lame Claim to Fame
10. Inactive
11. Sports Song
12. My Own Eyes

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Re: Rank the songs on Mandatory Fun

Post by DiegoMcArthur »

1. Jackson Park Express
2. Word Crimes
3. NOW That's what I Call Polka!
4. Sports Song
5. Mission Statement
6. My Own Eyes
7. Foil
8. Tacky
9. Inactive
10. Lame Claim to Fame
11. Handy
12. First World Problems

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Re: Rank the songs on Mandatory Fun

Post by WeirdAbbott »

I've been meaning to post my rankings, but I kept forgetting to actually do it.
Overall, a great album, and now that I've had a few months to stew everything over...my rankings are as follows:

12. Mission Statement - I understand WHY it's funny, but it gets skipped every time.
11. Handy - Solid work, but no way should this have been the lead parody.
10. Word Crimes - Great idea that I wouldn't have thought of, but not the best spoof on the album.
9. Lame Claim To Fame - Funny idea, but it gets old after the first verse.
8. My Own Eyes - Al nailed the Foo Fighters sound, but the other originals are slightly funnier than this one.
7. Jackson Park Express - A middle ranking doesn't show how great this song is. Funny stuff, but can get skipped because of length.
6. Foil - I love the switch from first to second verse...but the fact that it abruptly cuts off is a major disappointment.
5. Inactive - Very underrated in my opinion. I love the original song, and I hope this is included on tour (even in the medley).
4. Sports Song - As a member of marching band for eight years, this was a pleasant surprise. I'd love to see this performed at colleges everywhere!
3. NOW That's What I Call Polka - Easily his best polka in the past few albums, enough said.
2. First World Problems - Musically awesome, incredibly funny...perhaps one of his best originals EVER.
1. Tacky - Great idea, great video, great original song, very funny lines. Overall, the best song on the album.

Overall, I'd give this album an 8/10.

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Re: Rank the songs on Mandatory Fun

Post by mrmeadows »

Well, this is the third time I've done a ranking, but it's only because 6 months later they have changed drastically all over again.

To review, here are my initial rankings after just a couple of full listens:

1) Tacky
2) Word Crimes
3) Mission Statement
4) Handy
5) Sports Song
6) NOW That's What I Call a Polka!
7) Lame Claim to Fame
8 ] Inactive
9) Jackson Park Express
10) My Own Eyes
11) Foil
12) First World Problems

....and here are my rankings a few weeks later, after I'd had time to really let the album sink in:

1) Word Crimes
2) Foil
3) First World Problems
4) Mission Statement
5) Tacky
6) Lame Claim to Fame
7) NOW That's What I Call a Polka!
8 ) Handy
9) Inactive
10) Jackson Park Express
11) My Own Eyes
12) Sports Song

And now, here are my current rankings, which features some significant bumps and drops:

1) Mission Statement
2) Word Crimes
3) Jackson Park Express
4) Foil
5) Handy
6) First World Problems
7) NOW That's What I Call a Polka
8 ) Tacky
9) Lame Claim to Fame
10) Sports Song
11) Inactive
12) My Own Eyes

Check with me in another 6 months and maybe My Own Eyes will have grown on me. (Although I doubt it.)
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Re: Rank the songs on Mandatory Fun

Post by fan34 »

Foil tacky and inactive favorite from new cd
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Re: Rank the songs on Mandatory Fun

Post by Yankomaniac »

I know it's all opinion and what not but how could My Own Eyes ever be ranked so low? I think it's popularity would have totally skyrocketed if it had been in the set for the tour.
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Re: Rank the songs on Mandatory Fun

Post by Marc »

I just skip Sports Song and Jackson Park Express.

Being from 'Yurp' (Europe), I have no ties with collage football. Instead the song reminded me of Monty Python's "Sit On My Face" (have you ever listened to those lyrics?!). As for JPE, it's a long song, like Albuquerque, but I just don't like it, unlike Albuquerque which I try to sing along too. Same with Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota, also great. JPE, —for me— not so much.

Having just named my two least favorites, it's hard to choose a top 10 now. But I do appreciate 2 songs that are at the bottom of most rank lists I've seen now: Mission Statement (probably because I like it musically - the chords are very easy to play along with on guitar which I therefore do) and Inactive, which I think is under appreciated: it sounds pretty much like Radioactive, but some people have difficulty with the distortion in that song. I am still waiting for someone to make a video of it using clips from Wall-E.

Miscellaneous comment: I like how Al made a sound-alike of the phrase
"I be the I-G-G-Y, put my name in bold"
"Or maybe I'll just re-wire your house for fun"
You can't really see it here, but if you listen to it, it's very clever.
And of course when he hammers his thumb - OW! which perfectly matches the OW! in Fancy.

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Re: Rank the songs on Mandatory Fun

Post by minnick27 »

It I g g y and rewire line has been my favorite on the album since day 1
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Re: Rank the songs on Mandatory Fun

Post by AntmanB »

I dont really have a list but Foil and Lame Clame to Fame are my personal faves.

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