Best Parody Target

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Which is the best song?

Iggy Azalea "Fancy"
Lorde "Royals"
Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines"
Imagine Dragons "Radioactive"
Pharrell "Happy"
Total votes: 71

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Best Parody Target

Post by TMBJon »

Forgetting about the potential subject matter of Al's parodies, which of the five songs that Al is (likely) parodying on this album do you think is the best song on its own merit? This is NOT a question about which song is the most deserving to be parodied, or which parody you are most looking forward to hearing. Of these five songs, which do you actually like the most?
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Re: Best Parody Target

Post by QuantumError »

For me, Happy is probably one of the most pleasant songs of the five to listen to.

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Re: Best Parody Target

Post by yankochick38 »

This was between Royals and Fancy for me. I haaaaaaaate Blurred Lines and Happy and have no real opinion on Radioactive I guess. I chose Royals because I know all the words. :up:
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Re: Best Parody Target

Post by Moneybags »

I don't much care for Fancy or Blurred Lines, I enjoyed Royals until the umpteenth time that I heard it, and while I agree that Happy is a catchy song, I've heard covers of it that I enjoy more (particularly the one from Walk Off The Earth). Radioactive, however, is a song that I genuinely like, and after an absence of decent contemporary rock targets for over a decade (you can argue that American Idiot is a decent song, but I remain unconvinced), I'm glad there's an actual, honest-to-Bob rock song on this album.

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Re: Best Parody Target

Post by avesjohn »

I went with "Radioactive," since I think it's a just plain awesome rock song. "Royals" would be in second place, for being so delightfully minimalistic. Third and fourth place might waver between "Happy" and "Fancy," depending on mood, and in last place, by a wide margin, is "Blurred Lines."

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Re: Best Parody Target

Post by amzo39 »

smurf Provo.
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Re: Best Parody Target

Post by drewdy9999 »

Tough choice between Royals and Radioactive, but I went with the latter.

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Re: Best Parody Target

Post by mellow weasel »

"Radioactive" is the only one that was already in my playlist. I also kind of like "Royals" (it sounds nice, but lyrics are a bit pretentious, so I'm glad it will be fixed :D)

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Re: Best Parody Target

Post by Big Spoon »

And Peggy

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Re: Best Parody Target

Post by Killingsworth »

I'd say Radioactive is the best song on its own merits here.
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