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Re: Inactive

Post by Sappho »

I love this song, but not because I think it's particularly funny. I mean parts of it are, because it takes the concept of being inactive to an absurd extreme (cobwebs on your knee from not moving for so long? :D ) but on the whole it really kind of reads as a sad song to me. A song about someone who is giving up on living life because they just don't have the energy to even reach for the remote to change the channel. It's actually a fairly decent description of what it's like to live with depression - particularly the kind that I have where you're not necessarily sad about stuff but everything just. Takes. So. Much. Energy. So you just end up not doing much of anything at all.

Sorry, I don't mean to be a downer :lol: that's just what this song means to me.
Love and peace.

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