Who is definitely going to be at OC 2002?

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sorry iwas just very excited in ordering the tickets. i kinda got carried away :) they sent me the tickets yesterday! WOOOHOOO whoever is going to the 26th concert is gonna definetly recognize me!!!! ill be the one with WEIRD AL painted on her face and ill be carrying my weird al picture folder! oh yeah ill be wearing my running with sicssors t-shirt on with a hawaiian shirt on!!! so tell me who is going to the 26th first concert?
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:D I will be there with all the others. I have two reserved seat tickets for the last show on friday and i'm trying to talk my mom into driving me out at least one other day or more if i'm lucky. I think Al will be signing stuff after his concerts, or at least the last one on Friday, which makes me even more excited and happy considering i have never met him before. Hope to see some of you there. I would like to meet some of you peeps there in person so if that sounds good to you send me a private message...and i'll tell you the password for the fair.

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I'm not sure if he will...It has a good possibility to it! :D

I hope so!

I'm still online...I have to get my butt off and get ready for tomorrow! Oy! So much to do...Ahhhh!



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