Opening for Michael Jackson 1988

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Re: Opening for Micheal Jackson 1988

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By the way, "Micheal"? :wordcrimes:
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Re: Opening for Micheal Jackson 1988

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Sappho wrote:By the way, "Micheal"? :wordcrimes:
Little known fact: MJ's actual name is "Micheal Jackson." People kept spelling it "Michael," though, so one day he's like, "Screw it. It's not worth the hassle" and had it legally changed to "Michael." :P
TMBJon wrote: Maybe in this hypothetical scenario, Al wrote "Snack All Night" first and then MJ parodied it.
The truth is that Al is actually a time-traveler and shows up from the future at different points in our timeline. It's a very well-kept secret, though, and explains why he looks like he's barely aged and why he wrote "Snack All Night" and MJ re-wrote it as "Black or White." So few people know about this and anyone who has shared the secret has been dragged off, never to be heard from again. So...

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