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Post by Wizzerkat »

I actually heard this for the first time recently. I instantly liked it. Don't know why!
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Here's one of my YTMNDs:
Dare To Be Stupid Part Two is coming!

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Post by Driew_La_27 »

I'm going to merge this with the other polkamon topic since that topic also has some polkamon videos in it too.
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Post by Melquizio »

Yesterday, Pokemon 2000 was on, and when they showed the credits, they moved them over to the side and were playing a commercial, so I couldn't hear the song!
I watched the entire movie just to hear that...
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Re: Polkamon

Post by Big Spoon »

I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I don't feel like reading through 14 pages of posts to find the answer:

Other people have noticed that Ditto is mentioned twice, right? And I have to assume that was intentional?
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Re: Polkamon

Post by weirdojace »

Yeah, I always thought it was a joke on the name Ditto.

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Re: Generic Al Blather 18.0

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Re: Polkamon

Post by WerewolfWario »

I really want to see/hear this song used in a Smash Bros. game.

Bring back the Poke Floats stage and use Polkamon.

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Re: Polkamon

Post by algonacchick »

It's always nice when I see a song suggestion in Al's twitter feed, and I tell them he's already done it; and they are pleased. I linked this person to a video that just shows the lyrics, but I found out that there are four videos linked to The Mothership!
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