Instrumental Samples on Bermuda's site [update: unavailable]

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Instrumental Samples on Bermuda's site [update: unavailable]

Post by CB Johnny »

Hello again, fellow fans. It's yet another CB Johnny topic about oddly specific unique content in Al's catalog.

If you head over to BermudaSchwartz dotcom and check out the audio page, you will find plenty of instrumental samples that seemed to slip past Al song catalogs whether it be Weird Al Wiki or The Songography.

Some of the samples are from Bermuda's work with other acts. Some of them are songs we already have instrumental content of (Poodle Hat originals, Callin' In Sick, The Weird Al Show Theme, etc). However, plenty are content that seems to never have been released elsewhere.

Yoda, Grapefruit Diet, Bedrock Anthem, Living With A Hernia, Homer & Marge, It's All About The Pentiums, Craigslist, eBay, and The Saga Begins.

It also has the My Sharona cover that was recorded when Al was putting together Trapped In The Drive-Thru.

go ahead and check it out!

Also it would be remiss to not say that the site itself offers plenty of insight into his career and serves as a kickass resume if you know any strongly fitting opportunities for him. ;)

Edit: For reasons beyond my knowledge, the samples are not available. I'm just grateful they were out there at any point. Thanks, Bermuda!
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Re: Instrumental Samples on Bermuda's website

Post by Nathan398 »

I found these a while back. THey're cool, especially some of the older stuff that was remade just for that. But they seem to just be that, remakes. I would love for Bermuda to release the full songs though.
Nathan Varner

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