The Hamilton Polka

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Re: The Hamilton Polka

Post by CrimsonE »

drewdy9999 wrote:Yeah, the quality of the source material here can't really be understated. I, too, put off listening to the soundtrack for a while for whatever reason, but finally got around to it last summer and was really, really impressed.

Also, I made this design!

[ ]
Awesome design.

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Re: The Hamilton Polka

Post by The Sporkman »

I was surprised the medley didn't include "What Did I Miss?", but maybe its omission is supposed to be a really meta joke.

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Re: The Hamilton Polka

Post by Teh Dingo »

avesjohn wrote:A day later, and the new song has only dropped 7 spots to #15 on the iTunes bestseller list.

It's no "White & Nerdy," but I still have high hopes for this song charting decently on the Billboard Hot 100 in the next week or so.

If a polka makes the top 100 of anything, I think we can officially declare the death of the music industry :lol:
You have quickly thought up such matchless phrase?

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Re: The Hamilton Polka

Post by ludovica64 »

as it is a #Hamildrop I guess all profits go to LMM's Puerto Rico charity ?
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Re: The Hamilton Polka

Post by SophieT »

Al's popular, but a polka based on a musical isn't exactly mainstream.
The fun beyond belief appearance on Jimmy Fallon trended for a bit, but couldn't compete with pizza tacos! :D
As popular as Hamilton and Al are, they're still alternative. Broadway on the charts? :oo Nah.
That's okay. I don't love things because they're popular, I love things because I think they're GREAT! :accordion:

Love your Weird Al Hamilton artwork drewdy9999, I think it's GREAT!

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Re: The Hamilton Polka

Post by Mad Genius »

I highly doubt it'd make it that far, despite the circumstances. -I only recently heard of Hamilton: An American Musical, thanks to a friend, showing me some fan-made animations, with the original soundtrack.

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Re: The Hamilton Polka

Post by yankochick38 »

I’ve heard this polka so many times since it came out, and I have yet to hear a duck quack or slide whistle. Was Jimmy Fallon even listening to the same song we were? However, I feel like there is a car honk/beepbeep sound right at the end of the last “It must be nice” in Washington On Your Side. I’ve been listening to the polka on repeat when I drive to school and back and every time it gets to this point I SWEAR I hear someone honking and get stressed about it which makes me unable to get in on the rap right away. However, I already know pretty much all the words to this? And it’s actually making it easier to learn the raps? Also I’m able to sing along pretty much all the way through so if I can do it then Al sure as hell can. :up:

I feel like if you’ve never heard Hamilton you must have been pretty surprised when Al said “bastard” and “whore” right in the first line!!!!
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Re: The Hamilton Polka

Post by ergalthema »

Does anyone know if there is a lossless version (FLAC, WAV) available anywhere?

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Re: The Hamilton Polka

Post by minnick27 »

The duck quack is actually a cat

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Re: The Hamilton Polka

Post by JPK »

ergalthema wrote:Does anyone know if there is a lossless version (FLAC, WAV) available anywhere?
I was wondering the same thing, now that I finally have the rest of his collection in lossless with Squeezebox.

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