A moratorium on "Burgeropolis"

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A moratorium on "Burgeropolis"

Post by TheLazenby »

Every now and then, I still get asked for copies of the most up-to-date incarnation of "Greetings From Burgeropolis", so I thought I'd give a universal answer....


"Burgeropolis" has always been a bit of a moral dilemma for me, despite not creating it for financial gain (and I REALLY HOPE no one has ever sold a copy of this, because that is NOT what it was for) and much of the material floating around already anyhow, mostly due to the 'Ultimate Collection' bootleg. But given Al's overall dissatisfaction with his demos being around, over time I felt less happy that "I put them all in one convenient bundle" and more worried that "Al is probably not happy about having a disc (eventually two discs) of teenage demos in circulation."

Add to that the minor debacle of 'American Slob', which I inadvertently put out thinking it was already in circulation... it wasn't.

I certainly never intended any disrespect with my set, but rather to present a time capsule of a particular period in Al's career, especially in later editions where I tried to preserve Dr. Demento's intros to the songs to give everything a "ripped from history" feel.

But, with all due respects to Mr. Yankovic, I don't ever see myself giving out any version of "Burgeropolis" again.

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Re: A moratorium on "Burgeropolis"

Post by lestatkatt »

That's about the way I felt with Ultimate Collection. It was Never a commercial bootleg, but a fan compiled collection I worked hard to over a couple of years. Once I sent out copies to the original collectors who help me compile some tracks, and One Of Them Tried To Sell It On eBay !! I decided to vine it out to the fans in 2004 so fans wouldn't pay for copies. I shared some upgraded when the 2nd version of Burgeropolis was compiled and stayed away from upgrading the collection again. - Besides it didn't exactly win me any favors with one member of the band, so I felt it best to stay clear of another upgrade.

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